Wen By Chaz: Changing Traditional Hair Care

Wen By Chaz: Changing Traditional Hair Care

Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen By Chaz. He originally started the business in Hollywood where he treated his clients like he would want to be treated himself. His hair salon became known for its ultra-peaceful environment where people could feel safe and tucked away from the glaring eyes of the public and limelight.

Dean’s philosophy on treating hair was just as gentle as the way he handled his clients. He believed hair care should be performed naturally, not harshly. The modern-day cleaning products strip the locks of their natural buoyancy and beauty. Chemicals damage the hair and leave it brittle and easy to break. Chaz has seen the lasting effects of modern shampooing. Because of this, he set out to create something that cleansed and invigorated the hair instead of destroying it.

His visions came true, and he created a cleansing conditioner. The product uniquely works by using natural ingredients to carry grime away from the hair gently. He has successfully used his Wen Hair Care cleansing products since the late 90s.

WEN By Chaz has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. The cleanser comes in a variety of fragrances from fig to cucumber. The wen.com lineup has grown to include styling products and hair treatments, such as hair masks.

Previously Mr. Dean with schooled in cosmetology. Now he uses his talents to master and manage all types of hair patterns and conditions. The products can be found across the internet on Instagram for example and on many other venues.


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