Utilizing Securus Technologies to Combat Gang Violence

Utilizing Securus Technologies to Combat Gang Violence

During my three years as an officer in a dangerous prison, I have seen the violence escalate in direct proportion to the amount of gang members behind bars. Part of the reason for the escalation in violence has to do with these gangs going after rival gang members for doing things they perceive as disrespectful. If one gang is in the weight room and a rival gang member walks in to grab a piece of equipment, it could erupt into a full-blown gang war.


Part of my job as a corrections officer in the jail is keeping the peace by making sure gangs are separated in jail and that we are informed about all the little nuances that makes these gangs tick. Even when we think we now everything, it helps to get a little help from inside sources. That brings us to Securus Technologies, the company that installed the inmate call monitoring system inside this jail we use to pay closer attention to what the inmates are saying to others on the phone.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company with 1,000 employs, systems in 2,000 jails, and all employees including the CEO work towards an objective of making this world safe. The LBS software is the key to the success we have with this tool, allowing us to isolate conversations on the phones based on specific works.


Now if a gang member is on the phone trying to talk about an order to a street-level gang member, we can listen in. When a top-ranking gang member orders a hit or asks for drugs to be brought to the visitor center, we can take the appropriate action. If we hear anything about contraband on the phones, my team of officers is able to jump to action to make us safer.


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