The Accomplishments of Dr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare

The Accomplishments of Dr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a company whose clear mission is to deliver quality medical care to its clients and as well make good use of their well-qualified professionals to build the company and safeguard stability. Other co-values that the company holds on to are teamwork, proper communication, clear vision, good working relationships and transparency. Without these qualities, their Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto admits that the company would not have got to the heights they are in the health sector. InnovaCare Health has two affiliates in Puerto Rico: PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc., which give high quality care programs with the aim of encouraging physical and emotional growth of members. Read more about Rick Shinto at

One respected authority in the healthcare industry is Rick Shinto who is also the president of InnovaCare. He brings vast experience in leadership and technical areas from his previous service in clinical and operational healthcare. Rick began his career as a pulmonologist in Southern California and worked as Medical Management’s Vice President prior to making a move to Cal Optima Health Plan of Orange County as the Chief Medical Officer. While working at Aveta Inc. he was honored for his commitment to excellence in financial performance, innovative ideas and desires to help the community with an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. Other companies he worked for include NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company.

Rick Shinto has a rich educational background having attained his M.B.A. at the University of Redlands, a B.S. from the University of California and his medical degree at the New York State University. Since then, the medical professional has grown both in fame and in popularity also because of his well-written articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Most people know him for the changes he has effected at InnovaCare Health, and all the credit for the company’s success goes to him. He still dreams and works hard to make the company grow in other markets and, thus, make substantial improvements that will be of help to the patients. The benefit of the company that Rick Shinto heads is enjoyed by members of the society who can boast of receiving affordable healthcare even to an average person. It is, therefore, not surprising that they have attracted a huge following from all over, beating insurance companies due to the technology used. Shinto’s inventiveness and leadership skills have hugely boosted InnovaCare in to the success it is today.

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