Southridge Capital as Led by Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital as Led by Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is an investment group based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The company, from an investment point of view, is primarily a private equity firm which offers investment banking. Furthermore, services such as brokerage are also offered. The company was founded back in 1996 and has been active since then. The company has made many investments. On 25th August 2005, Southridge Capital invested $1.8 million in Raft International. Earlier on 16th February 2001, the company also invested in Fakespace systems.



As far as revenue is concerned, Southridge Capital makes $47.5 million annually. The company has had huge success and looks to do great in the future as well. Most of it goes down to its CEO, Stephen Hicks who is also the founder of the company. Stephen Hicks is experienced in financing, investment banking as well as risk analysis which gives him the perfect set of skills to run this business, develop its strategies and give it a proper direction.



Stephen Hicks and his company Southridge Capital are especially interesting in Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have had a huge impact on the trade market and Hicks feels excited about it as well. When questioned about what software or online service Hicks uses, he replied that he normally uses Wall Street Journal online and some other online markets which inform him about market and company trends, ultimately helping him plan accordingly in his own business as well. Mr. Hicks gives great importance to experience and says that it is his company’s experience that has given it so much success. Over the time period of more than two decades, Southridge Capital has built strong links within its small section of Wall Street due to which many people approach them for financing and other business related help. Check out Facebook for more.


Stephen Hicks has been a central figure at Southridge Capital and policies act as guidelines for the company. He did his Bachelors in Business Administration and further continued to a Master’s in the same field in New York City. Mr. Hicks not only looks to take Southridge Capital forward but he also wants to inspire others. In one of his interviews, Hicks advised to go for fewer deals and put the focus on cash instead of aiming for a return, which he felt could be the best advice he could give to even his younger self.


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