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Oncotarget: a treasure of research knowledge on Oncology

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The arena of oncology is one of the most sought after topics in the field of modern medicine and research. Some universities and research institutes are now running oncology research on a larger scale and developing a pool research data and findings on Oncology, the study related to cancer. Unfortunately, the knowledge on oncology is quite exclusive, and there aren’t that many easily available journals on this as well. However, there is Oncotarget on Facebook which is quite helpful for scientists and researchers as it provides them free access to numerous articles, papers and research data on oncology.

Oncotarget is considered as one of the most popular and useful journals on oncology. It is a weekly journal which is reviewed by peers. It provides open access to medical journals that focuses on research on every aspect of oncology. In addition to oncology, it also has a huge collection of research data on other topics as well. This journal was published in 2010 by Impact Journals. They publish their articles online, and most of their issues can be published on paper if requested. This is also one of the first journals to provide real-time tracking of article coverage on DovePress in digital and traditional media channels.

Since 2010, Oncotarget has published hundreds of articles on LinkedIn by some of the topmost scholars from across the globe. It has a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Within five years, it achieved an impact score 5.008 that is quite remarkable for a journal. It is abstracted and indexed in a number of prominent sources such as Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed, BIOSIS Previews, the Science Citation Index Expanded, and Scopus. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov from Roswell Park Cancer Institute are now serving as the editors in chief of this journal

Regarding publication, Oncotarget has a very strict policy regarding publication, conflict of interest, plagiarism. Their peer review process is made with a substantial assessment, and they have managed to develop a pool of regular contributors comprising researchers, scientist, and subject matter specialists. They also have huge of a pool of editors who are working around the clock to make the journal even more credible and useful.

Although Oncotarget started the journey with a single focus on Oncology in the beginning, it has gradually moved into other subjects as well. In this journal, you can find a vast collection of articles and research findings on Oncology as well Geotarget/Aging, Pathology beyond Oncology, Immunology and Microbiology, Autophagy and Cell Death, and Chromosome. In future, they have plans to launch a few more sections on more diversified topics. If you are a researcher or student looking for credible information on oncology, this is the journal you can visit at

Wealth Solutions

Incredible Investment Strategies by Richard Blair

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About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a fully registered investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Richard founded Wealth Solutions to provide investment advice to small-scale business owners and high-net-worth individuals.

Born to a family drawn to the world of education, Blair became fascinated with the subject of teaching as a youth. His passion for education came from his firsthand experience with educationists. Richard Blair’s mother was a teacher, and he is married to a teacher. From them, he has learned and witnessed how teaching can improve knowledge and confidence.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions integrated his experience in education with his natural gift for finance to help people in developing investments and financial plans. Upon graduating from College in 1993, Mr. Blair ventured into financial services industry. After realizing that this was a low-barriers-to-entry industry, he founded Wealth Solutions to provide unbiased and objective financial advisory services to his clients.

Throughout his career, Richard Blair has honed his experience and knowledge in retirement planning. He has been helping clients to make their retirement dream a reality by helping them to avoid common mistakes frequently committed by retirees.

Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a fully certified investment advisory firm specializing in comprehensive and personalized investment planning. The company targets small-scale enterprises, families, and high-net-worth individuals in Austin and its neighboring towns such as Bastrop, Georgetown, Marble Falls, and Houston.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair in partnership with CES, RICP, CFS, and CAS. Richard Blair is a duly registered financial advisor who takes pride in over 20 years of experience in financial services industry.

As capital markets experience shifts, Wealth Solutions embarks on changing the existing financial strategies and adapting to the changing environment. As such, Wealth Solutions strives to provide dynamic and conservative investment solutions.

Such solutions help clients in improving their profitability while minimizing the expected risk. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions considers their customers desires before developing investments and financial plans. In fact, Wealth Solutions staffs take their clients’ vision as theirs and do not rest until they deliver the desired results.

Most consumers consider retirement life as important as employment life and look forward to preserving their wealth, leave a legacy behind, and develop a steady income.

For Wealth Solutions, finance experts assist clients in developing a comprehensive financial plan that will help them realize their ambitious retirement goals. Wealth Solutions is the leading provider of wealth management, financial services, and investment advisory services in Austin, Texas.

Great Companies

Nationwide Title Clearing Revamps Its Website

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The firm has finally created a solution for title defects. The company will now make reports on property available on its online portal. In recent years, issues with title defects have become a major issue. At times, it has led to wrongful foreclosures. Additionally, it has been responsible for stagnation in what should have been smooth transitions of asset transfer.

Nationwide Title Clearing recognizes the importance of property records in ensuring a reduced risk of inability to foreclose and buyback. While title defects are mostly caused by laying claims to property that belongs to another person, other factors can lead to it. For instance, the lack of a signature by a party that is part of the transaction can lead to defects. Additionally, titles with liens are considered defective since they are not marketable. Additionally, disregard to the proper procedure is a common cause of title defect.

By posting property reports on the portal, the CEO of NTC believes that it will be of great help to the real estate industry. Some of the reports provided on the online portal are tax status report, current owner report, assignment verification report, and tax status (plus) report. The reports are prepared using data from multiple sources. The reports provided on the website are prepared using land records kept at land records offices nationwide. Their data sources are both automatic and human verification. It is one of the reasons why NTC is considered one of the most reliable sources of real estate data in the nation. Additionally, most large lenders rely on data provided by NTC.


About NTC


The company was founded in 1991 in Palm Harbor, Florida. A private company offers document-processing services for residential real estate. Its services are highly sought after by investors, servicers, and mortgage lenders. The company currently serves all but two of the top ten residential mortgage lenders in the nation.

The company has document experts in almost 3,600 jurisdictions in the United States. The information provided by the experts assists entities with land records research, lien release, final document tracking, and other business solutions related to land. The company’s’ ability to provide reliable services has seen it grow phenomenally. It was ranked 26th out of 50 of the fastest growing companies in the 2013 Fast awards in Tampa Bay. It has also won some awards such as the Hire Power Awards in 2013 for helping Americans get jobs.



Kabbalah Centres Bring Ancient Wisdom and Tradition to the Average person

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Judaism is a religion that began thousands of years before Jesus lived, which was during the first century AD when Chritaiisnity was born. Kabbalah is the study of the ancient wisdom that began with the Jewish culture during the days of Moses. and it is not a religion. Kabbalah means “received teaching,” and it is a study of the esoterical principles of this wisdom. Kabbalah was very strong during the Middle Ages, and its spirituality was practiced by many.


Today, Kabbalah is available around the world due to the Internet. The study of Kabbalah was traditionally passed down from generation to generation among the priests and the spiritual community, and it wasn’t for the average person to learn.


In 1922, Rav Ashtag began the first Kabbalah Centre in Israel. Ancient documents in Arabic and Hebrew were studied, and in the 70’s Rav and Karen Berg went to study at the Kabbalah Centre. They were instructed by Kabbalists who had studied for many years, and they stayed for 10 years returning to the U.S. in the 1980s.


They founded the first Kabbalah Centre in NYC and began to hold classes as they translated ancient documents into English and other languages. Interest began to grow and several years later, they opened a Centre in San Francisco and then one in Utah, Arizona, and Los Angeles. There are now Kabbalah Centres in over 40 cities around the world that act as a meeting place for those interested in learning more.


Kabbalah Centres make this traditional and very practical wisdom available for anyone who would like to enhance their lifestyle. The Centres allow people who live in the area to come into the Centre and learn the wisdom to solve problems in their lives. It also brings out the joy that Kabbalists believe is inside every person.


The Centres encourage fellowship with dinners every month and volunteering events in the neighborhood to help others. Kabbalah Centres and the Kabbalah University online are the doe every one interested in more information on Kabbalah or go to

Technology World/Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier Input to the Technology World

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Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur. He has authored several books and also dedicated his life to active philanthropy. He has invested heavily in government and enterprise technology. He was raised in New Jersey. His career as a programmer started in his childhood years. At fourth grade, he had already begun programming. He started a computer database company while still in high school. At Harvard University, he studied English and literature. While at Harvard, he took classes at MIT furthering his knowledge in programming and technology. His education from Harvard made him an author while the classes at MIT gave him a base for his technology foundations.

In 1991, he founded People Doing Things (PDT). The Company sought to address issues relating to health care and education through the use of technology. By 1994, he founded Interactive Agency Digital Evolution. In 1998, the company formed a merger with the US Interactive LLC. Pulier was in charge of building a network that sought to bring together children with chronic illness. The platform allowed the children to chat, blog, and exchange views on experiences they had undergone through.

Eric Pulier breakthrough came in 1997. The president and his inaugural committee tasked him with building and execution of the Presidential Technology Exhibition held in Washington D.C. His input to the Vice-Presidents health care and technology forum was also requested. Pulier has started and runs several successful ventures. As a matter of fact, he has founded over 15 companies. He sold the latest at 350 million dollars. He has also ventured into the nightclub industry and owns a restaurant in Santa Monica. Today, he serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Service Mesh. He has also helped companies deliver IT services from internal providers. By providing its services internally, companies have been able to cut down on costs and increase productivity.

Pulier is also associated with a lot of philanthropic activities. He has made donations to many non-profit organizations. He is a board member in a camp for kids with chronic illness (The Painted Turtle). He is on the board at X-Prize Foundation. His efforts have also been felt and appreciated by the Clinton global foundation.


Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

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Impact of Technology in Solving and Preventing Crimes | Securus Technologies

A few weeks ago, Securus technologies made a press release of how they were helping various correctional facilities increase security and prevent crime. The press release was backup by some testimonials from clients who had used their products and services in the past. The reviews show that indeed Securus has been instrumental in changing the level of security in the country.

According to Richard. A. Smith, popularly known by his nickname Rick, Securus is dedicated to providing solutions to enhance safety and prevent crimes. For this reason, a new product is developed after every week, increasing the effectiveness of crime detection and prevention. He was grateful to the clients who took their time to write emails and letters commending their services.

From the testimonials, we see that Securus has been a trusted provider for security solutions. One particular letter states that Securus has played a big role in the recovering of illegal assets. The client goes ahead to say that without the help of Securus, achieving that would have been impossible.

In other cases, Securus Technologies has been able to help with evidence to put away criminals. For Example, one client commends Securus for helping them overhear a conversation between an inmate and his kids. The conversation recorded would provide evidence against the inmate.

About Securus Technologies

Securus is a leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities all over North America. This BBB Accredited company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They serve over 1.2 million inmates, connecting them with their loved ones and helping them keep comfortable while serving their term. In addition, Securus Technologies serves over 3000 correctional and public safety facilities. Their products and facilities, combined with the efforts of various correctional departments, have been essential in preventing and solving crimes.


Medical Advantage

How things are changing at InnovaCare top management

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The head of InnovaCare announced that the company had made a few additions to their leadership. InnovaCare is an industry leader when it comes to Medicare Advantage. They set up business in Puerto Rico and have been providing health related services there for a while now. The press statement that was given by the president stated that the people who had been appointed to the posts brought in a wealth of knowledge in the ever changing world of health care provision.

Richard Shinto
Shinto is the president and chief executive officer at InnovaCare. He has been working for the company for close to four years now. Before Rick Shinto joined this company, he was leading at Aventa, Inc until it was sold in 2012. However, long before Aventa, he was running projects that focused on the managing clinical healthcare services. Richard is an alumnus of the California University at Irvine. This is coupled with a medical degree from the New York State University. Shinto is also a proud holder of an MBA from the University of Redlands. Besides being a leader in the world of clinical medicine, he is an author with a number of books to his name.

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Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope takes up the post of the chief administrative officer. In the past, Penelope Kokkinides has worked in the Medicare and Medicaid government programs. She is qualified and very experienced in the creation of programs that bring health services closer to the people. She worked as CEO at Centerlight health Care limited. At touchstone health, she served as the chief operations officer. The United Health Group is another company that she worked with in a leadership capacity. Her many years of experience in healthcare provision makes her the ideal candidate for the position in a firm that is expanding their outreach and hoping to reach the entire globe. Source:

On Innovacare
InnovaCare Health specialized in managed health services. They have managed to recruit more than 200000 members. These members are served by a network of 7500 providers. The company operates within the laws and the standards that have been out in place by the government of Puerto Rico. The aim of InnovaCare of adding these executives to their team is to improve service delivery. Of late they have been adopting strategies that create healthcare models which are innovative, integrated and in line with modern technology. The staff additions should give them a competitive edge in the ever changing landscape of healthcare service provision.


Brazilian Assets Are Among The Best Performing Investments In The World In 2016

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The belief that new President Michel Temer can put the fiscal books in order in Brazil is growing. There are signs that the sluggish economy is starting to wake up, but most economists say the country will still have negative growth in 2016. The good news is, the Real has gotten stronger against the dollar. The Real’s value has increased more than 26 percent in 2016. The recent 3.10 Real to one-dollar rate is the highest rate in 15 months. President Temer’s public spending cap is another sign that the lawmakers in Brazil are serious about getting the country’s economy moving again, and they are standing behind Temer. A new economic report shows that Brazilian assets are among the best performing investments in 2016 is a great sign that foreign investors see the potential that investors like Flavio Maluf see. Flavio Maluf is the CEO of the building material supplier, Eucatex.



Flavio Maluf has firsthand knowledge of the Brazilian market. His family has been in business in Brazil for more than 90 years. Eucatex started as a eucalyptus ceiling tile manufacturer in the 1950s in the state of Sao Paulo. Flavio’s grandfather owned the Americana Sawmill Americana in Sao Paulo. The sawmill cut a lot of eucalyptus wood for customers. Maluf decided to use some of the excess wood in ceiling tiles. The mill was already producing soft boards from the wood, so the tiles were a natural progression. The ceiling tiles were a hit in the domestic building market, so in 1954, Maluf has established Eucatex to handle the demand.



The popularity of the eucalyptus ceiling tiles spread across Brazil and into Argentina. Eucatex opened its first offices between 1956 and 1965 in several Brazilian cities and in Buenos Aires. In 1965, Eucatex started shipping ceiling tiles to Europe. According to Wikipedia, Flavio Maluf was named president in 1997, and he expanded the product line. Today, Eucatex ships varnishes, paints, MDF panels and other products to countries around the world. Flavio Maluf is well-known for playing a role in making Eucatex one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing companies in Brazil. Maluf decided to use renewable energy in all Eucatex factories and offices several years ago.

Bloomberg/Forbes/Food Providers

OSI Group: What You Need to Know

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OSI offers a variety of food solutions: breakfast, lunch, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and snacks; with OSI foods, you can rest assured that you are supplying your immune system with what it must have to keep you healthy.

Food produces nutrients, which then are deposited and absorbed into our bodies. It is every individual’s best interest to know that a human body does comprise of 11 systems, all of which hold similar metrics, and therefore, important. All of these body systems are nurtured differently, dependent upon their function.

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For instance: the immune system comprises of a group of cells, tissue, and organs that must work together to build a wall to guard against disease. Of those cells…are white blood cells that seek out and exterminate disease-causing structures and material. On the other hand, the nervous system responds to both internal and external changes through triggering suitable glands and muscle.

The human body is healthier when all 11 systems are cared for properly. If one of those systems is denied what it must have to function at full capacity, the entire body takes a hit. It is therefore of uttermost importance that every part of the body is cared for adequately to keep our systems functioning well.

Best Chicago Meat Acquires Glenmark Brand, Introduces New Product Line

Most people do not completely understand that what we eat have far-reaching replications, thereby failing to supply their bodies with vital nutrients that keep them healthy… Each and every part of a human body is vital, and therefore must be taken care of adequately for the body to build defenses that guard against disease.

It is also important to know that many diseases attack the human body in different ways- one will attack the skin, while another will attack the eyes. A well-balanced meal is one that comprises of: fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry – with each supplying the body with different nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

When we deny our bodies of either of those foods…we create an atmosphere that is high risk and leave it defenseless; the body is stronger and healthier when we supply it with vital nutrients. A balanced diet builds a disease fighting mechanism that is stronger and solid.

See OSI Group in Action

It is through the food we choose to eat that we are stronger; a body is weaker on an empty stomach…which is why we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks through out the day.

Learn more about OSI Group:

Event Planners

Twenty Three Layers Puts the Pro in Prompt and Professional

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Have you ever been disappointed with a hired service simply because you could not help but wonder if you could have done the task yourself? From indoor plumbing to party planning, there is a need for a professional, but it is salient to recognize those needs. Just as planning an event yourself would be difficult, the process of investing in the proper planner is fairly taxing as well, but worth the effort.

Distinguish the Why’s

Too often, people plan massive events without recognizing why the event is important to begin with. If you do not have a good reason for throwing an extensive party, do not. If you must, though, research professionals based on their intended area of prowess. For example, if you need help planning your wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner rather than a general professional.

Find the Flowers in the Weeds

Certain companies plan low-key parties and boast of their efforts on such a large scale that they seem far more skilled than they really are. Choose three to four planners, interview and meet with each, and make your decision based on each encounter. Of course, never forget to read their reviews, view their portfolios, and check their references.

Remember Your Experience

Believe it or not, but there will be a time when all of your efforts pay off and the party will come to an end. When that occurs, you must recognize your experience with hiring a party planner. Was it worth it? Were they worth it? Will you hire them in the future? More importantly, did you ever need to consider relieving them of their duties during the planning process? If so, why didn’t you?

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC that rarely needs second consideration when opting to hire professionals. These event planners in NYC have planned everything from anniversaries to Halloween parties to posh weddings. The professionals’ marriage of vintage elements with contemporary fads sets them apart from countless other companies and allows them to sustain a heavy presence in bustling New York City.