Overview Of Larkin and Lacey’s Response on Trump’s Pardon Of Arpaio

Overview Of Larkin and Lacey’s Response on Trump’s Pardon Of Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have expressed they surprise on the about president Trump’s decision to pardon Sherriff Arpaio. The sheriff has appeared in media several times for the misdeeds that he committed while serving as the county sheriff.

Many people have claimed that he should not have been allowed to occupy the office. He executed a lot of corruption in the country during his tenure. The rights of the prisoners were violated .some of the prisoners opted to commit suicide.

Michael and Jim have spoken concerning the decision were taken by the president to pardon someone who committed a crime in a government office. The journalists described the history of Arpaio leadership in the county.

The pardon from the president to Arpaio has attracted the attention of many people. The judged upheld the pardon given by president Trump. Michael Lacey was disappointed to learn that Arpaio is a free man despite the crimes that he committed.

Michael receives the news without shock since he knew that Arpaio was protected by some officials in the government. He knew that Arpaio would escape the sentence for the misdeed that he committed .arpaio used Trump for safety. Lacey observed that Arpaio gave strong support to Trump’s presidential campaign. The support provided Arpaio with a route of escape from the sentence. The pardon saved him from being held behind bars for many years.

Michael Lacey described how Arpaio looted $100 million from the county. He also narrated how the inmates committed suicide to escape torture while others lost their lives due to torturous conditions.

The women and children were sexually abused. The jail conditions were not favorable for human habitation. The prisoners were served with half-baked food. Michael and lacey were keeping records of all the ills that were taking place in the office of Arpaio.

Journalists were not allowed to get the information from the office. They were harassed and denied access to the office. Larkin and Lacey were in the forefront in providing information to the public. They published they information in their newspaper.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin revealed the scandals of the grand jury in the county. Arpaio ordered for their arrest upon releasing the scandals to the public. The rights of the journalists were violated during the arrest.

The public was disgusted by the arrest, and they demanded the release of the journalists. The judged was forced to release them after spending a day in prison. They sued the county sheriff for violating their rights during the arrest.

The court demanded that $3.75 million be given to them as compensation for illegal arrest. They invested the money in establishing an organization that defends the human and civil rights of immigrants. The organization is known as Frontera Fund.

Arpaio had oppressed the members of the public for many years. Larkin and Lacey formed the group to assist the people in obtaining their rights.

The organization has touched the lives of many people. Larkin and Lacey have proved how human beings should defend each. They have noted that although Arpaio has been pardoned, he remains to be “America’s Worst Sheriff.”

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