Jeff Herman’s Commitment To Sexual Abuse Victims

Jeff Herman’s Commitment To Sexual Abuse Victims


Sexually abuse is widespread and shouldn’t be. Some people have stood up for sexual abuse victims to make sure that they do not have to continue to suffer the abuse that they have experienced. Jeff Herman is a sexual violence lawyer that has made a career by speaking up for people who have been abused sexually. He is the founder of Herman Law where he goes to court to verbalize what has happened to his clients. He has had a priest, school employees, and many other people charged for the harm that they have done to his clients. Jeff Herman makes sure to give his clients hope after they have been abused.


Jeff Herman did not go to school to become a sexual assault lawyer. Herman decided to change his path after he met a mother whose 4-year-old autistic son has been sexually abused by an employee at his school. Herman took on the case and did all the investigating himself. In the end, he found out that the 4-year-old boy was not the only child in the school that had been abused by the employee. There were over 20 other children who had been sexually touched by the man. The man was able to get the job because the school failed to do a background check on the man when they hired him thus putting their students in danger. Go To This Page for additional information.


After Jeff Herman’s first sexually abuse case he found out that many other people have endured the same type of abuse. He represents all people, but he has a strong desire to bring justice to children who have been abused. He realizes that children who are sexually abused may grow up still scared and afraid because of what was done to them. Jeff Herman teaches people how to deal with people who have been abused to ensure that they can heal properly. He encourages parents to teach their children about sex crimes to provide that if they are abused, they can let someone know so that the predator can be charged in the offense that they have committed before they hurt someone else.


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