How Doe Deere Stays Relevant

How Doe Deere Stays Relevant

In the business world there are more than a few cosmetic leaders that are trying to do what Doe Deere has been doing quite well. Mary Kay and Cover Girl produces millions on makeup campaigns. Doe Deere, by contrast, is spending less money and putting forth more time. She is staying relevant, and it all comes down to her desire to make people take notice of Lime Crime. This isn’t the hardest thing to do if you stay connected with your fans. She launched Lime Crime in 2008 through an eBay account, and she has been pushing the brand forward ever since.

The thing that has made the Lime Crime brand hot is her CEO strategy that does not really seem like a CEO strategy at all. Doe Deere is keeping her brand strong by doing something very interesting with her business. She is concentrating on the marketing through social media. She is taking input from the admirers. Everyone has not been doing this when they get into the Chief Executive Officer chair. So many people get to the top and bark down orders at everyone that is under their command. Doe Deere has realized that it is vital to have a two-way communication street with her employees. She wants input. There is a strong belief that she will be able to build a better brand if she truly takes notice of what the rest of the world is doing.

Doe Deere believes that she is the one that is going to have a hand in making sure that all parts of her organization are running smoothly. She does not take this mission to provide guidance lightly. She knows exactly what she wants to do, and she is making sure that she creates a business world that is filled with employees that are not scared to voice their opinions. Doe Deere also wants to have some employees in place that are going to be interested in building a better company. That is her constant goal when it comes to the Lime Crime cosmetics.

She brings forth the colorful makeup that does not look like anything else that the other mainstream companies are conjuring up. This is what helps her stay successful. Her unique spin on the cosmetics makes her relevant. She is big on following trends in social media, but lately she appears to have been creating her own trends.

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