Dr. Saad Invents Tools to Help the Patient and the Doctor

Dr. Saad Invents Tools to Help the Patient and the Doctor

Normally, when catheters are put into the body, it is necessary to have an x-ray or even multiple x-rays taken in order to find out the exact location of the catheter. An MRI may also be needed as an alternative to an x-ray, but MRI machines are quite bulky and not always an option. Dr. Saad created a device that can actually locate the catheter without the need for an x-ray or MRI. His device can use electromagnetic energy to find the exact location of the catheter and works much like a metal detector. It is safer than an x-ray and is portable and eliminated the need for guide wires. His invention is somewhat complicated to manufacture and is not yet widely used, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by a certain medical company in Utah. It is likely that it will become more widely used as it is a useful aid to doctors and reduces risk to patients.


Dr. Saad’s second invention improves endoscopes which are tools used to look inside the body during a surgical procedure or examination. Since the human body reduces many fluids, the lens of the endoscope can frequently become fogged up and makes it difficult to see anything. Dr. Saad created a device that is a suction-irrigation device that helps to vacuum away any obstructive liquid and solving the problem. His invention is quite practical and is easily manufactured, so it is already being utilized by many doctors and is personally used by himself.


Dr. Saad invented these devices because they were needed and make life easier for both the doctor and the patient. You can read more about Dr. Saad and his inventions here.


Dr. Saad specializes in pediatric and thoracic surgery and treats an array of conditions including blood disorders, hemangioma, pediatric tumors, pilonidal cysts, and gastroschisis, just to name a few. He also treats congenital heart disease and chest wall deformities. He can perform many different procedures including but not limited to appendectomy, esophagoscopy, gallbladder removal, bronchoscopy, and circumcision.


Dr. Saad has been practicing for 34 years and graduated from Cairo U Med Hospital in 1971. He is currently a pediatric surgery specialist in Eatontown, New Jersey.


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