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Wedding Venue Depends On the Pocket Book And The Bride’s Dreams

Wedding Venue Depends On the Pocket Book And The Bride’s Dreams

Picking the best venue for a wedding venue depends upon the style of a wedding you want. If you live in the New Your City area, you would want to know about the wedding receptions in NYC.


A Manhattan Penthouse center, containing a ballroom, would start at $22,250, and the Mariner II, a twenty-two-foot luxurious boat in New York City, starts at $11, 416.00. The Swan Club in Roslyn New York, located on the North Shore of Long Island, starts at $8,388 and Antun’s of Queens Village (borough of Queens in New York City), starts at $6,515.00. Finally, Westbury Manor, located 18 miles east of Manhattan, starts at $1,200.


The difference between Manhattan and Westbury is the financial distance between a family making at least a million dollars, with excellent credit and a family living in the middle class, carrying debt, cannot see the Statue of Liberty but in driving distance to take a cruise viewing the Statute of Liberty. One hundred percent of wedding planning starts and ends at the price of the wedding venue. Therefore, it makes adifference whether the future bride is one who has saved for a wedding for at least five years sacrificing every step of the way not including free loans, or Ivana Trumps’ best friend?


This financial analysis is how the father of the bride would approach wedding planning, but his daughter or unsuspecting future son-in-law would approach the matter differently. So we go back to the drawing board, such as getting the advice of a wedding planner, a private company or a planner associated with a particular wedding venue.


The wedding planner can organize the wedding from the guest list, invitations, napkins, cake, photographer and the band. Everything is now set for the bride and groom to walk down the aisle and to the venue of their wedding reception.