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The Fagali Experience

The Fagali Experience

The island of Fagali in the Samoan archipelago has an array of attractions for tourist of every age. The minute you step out of the Fagali airport, which was previously owned by Polynesian airlines you are immediately drawn into the islands beauty and charm.

Polynesian airlines reopened the Airport in 2009, and since then it has created a gateway for tourists from around the world. The Fagali airport created a way for the island to increase its revenues and improve the standard of living for the entire Samoan Archipelago.

Businesses of every kind have opened up near and around the Fagali airport including diving and snorkeling tours and the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The famous poet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote the famous novel “Treasure Island” lived his last days on the island and visitors can come to his home to see how he lived. His love for adventure and treasure adds to the mysterious nature of the island.

Visitors can buy native merchandise at the Old Apia market, which is just four kilometers away from the Airport. One of the most popular attractions is the Papapappatai falls, which is a waterfall that falls 500 feet into a giant volcanic crater. The native people of Fagali airport have great respect for nature in general so, any econ-tourist will be happy to see the recycling and eco-friendly initiatives taking place on the island.

It is the dedication of Polynesian airlines that enables tourists to visit such incredible sites. This is truly a unique island and a hidden gem in the realm of tourist destinations.

From the immaculate beaches to the generous and friendly hospitality of the natives, the island is truly amazing. I would recommend visiting the plantation house and the crystal clear waters of the Piula Cave pools. The water is refreshing and a relief from the humid climate. Everyone who visits this fascinating place will be instantly charmed and want to come back.

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Hutchinson and His Company – WildArk

Hutchinson and His Company – WildArk

Mark Hutchinson founded WildArk, which is a business dedicated to saving the wild and all of the animals that need it to survive. His early childhood was rich with experiences of the wild. He grew up in, Australia, where he was lucky enough to ride horses, fly-fish, round up sheep, and even crawl into wombat holes. His adventurous nature led him to drive the length of Africa when he was just 19 years old. Then, at the age of 22 he developed a successful adventure company, by the name of UNTAMED. The name was changed to Avana and it was turned into a training and ecotourism business that he would later sell, only to eventually fail. In 2015 Hutch decided to quit the corporate world and return to what he loved, places that were wild. He wanted to inspire people to connect with nature and help preserve the ecosystems that have become so fragile. Learn more:


Hutchinson believes people have lost their connection to the wild, but that it is still there to be rediscovered and enjoyed. He believes it could be as simple as planting a tree, bird watching, or being in the ocean that can inspire people to be outdoors more often. WildArks mission is to buy land and allow it to become wild again through rehabilitation. They would also like to provide a wildlife corridor with National Parks. Conservation of the oceans and land across the globe is their over-all concern. In 2016 Hutch earned his Master’s Degree in Conservation, and he hopes he can use it to help him communicate within the world of conservationism. In order to stay connected to nature while raising twin girls, Hutch surfs and swims in the ocean. His girls enjoy adventures in the bush of Sydney, Australia, where they can identify bird calls and observe the wild places. Learn more: