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Online Reputation Tools You Need To Use

Online Reputation Tools You Need To Use

In the world of managing your brand, you need to know how to keep a good brand going. Online reputations can define how your company is seen by the view of ordinary customers. It’s very true they say that those wanting to work with a new company they will surely search about them online. If you want to achieve growth in your business with your reputation, suggests you need to use a few of these tools to help you keep an eye out for what’s happened with your business.


Gone are the days where you don’t know whether you’re on Yelp or Trip Advisor. There are dozens of sites that use the Yelp design where customers can leave both positive and negative reviews about a business. There are several people who are struggling when it comes down to finding out where there business is at online. Yext can allow for you to find every site that you are currently on.


HootSuite is an online tool that allows for you to monitor every aspect of your social media platforms. HootSuite is extremely popular among Internet influencers because they . can handle all their social media accounts on a single platform. It’s quite a unique idea that is changing the way companies are building their brand. This site is very popular for numerous reasons because it opens up the chance to succeed and discover new opportunities.

Google Alerts Tool

This last tool is great for knowing if anybody has posted anything about your company. This simply involves typing in the keywords you want to be alerted on. It could be a name or even a phrase, and any time anybody posts an article or comment with that phrase, you get an alert about where this article is online. It’s a fun little way to see what people are saying about you in an instant.

Your online reputation can dictate how people view your brand. If you don’t care about how you are viewed, you could be missing out on more customers not to mention being seen by others in a very positive and professional light.