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Boraie Development and The Fantastic Shaq Tower for Newark

Boraie Development and The Fantastic Shaq Tower for Newark

It is said by the wise that the best heroes today are the business leaders who take risks, who brave the world of uncertainty with no guarantees of payoff and who make it their mission to spread prosperity to people. These business leaders command change and give people a chance to improve their life. One of the few business leaders today who help people get jobs and give them the life that they dream of is Boraie Development.



The Shaq Apartment



It is important for people to understand that the best way to live is to live peacefully in a home or abode that is built in integrity. This is precisely one of the missions that Former NBA superstar Shaq O’ Neal envisioned in building the $39M Shaq Tower apartment that he wants under the guidance and assistance of Boraie development. We can read from NJTV news that this plan of Mr. O’Neal came from his dream in childhood to live in a beautiful place, and his dream now to invest in places that need support in order to stimulate its economy. Being a Newark native, Mr. O’Neal found it his duty to put such trust in the town that he’s in.



It’s hard to put your money in real estate because the level of uncertainty is too intense for anyone to handle. This is the reason why most businessmen today should be considered heroes because of the amount of sacrifice and risk that they’re putting themselves in. However, Shaq has nothing to worry about because the partner it has is Boraie Development, which is a company that has developed so many real estate projects that have led to the most profitable results. With the help of Boraie Development, the people in Newark, especially the minorities whose livelihood opportunities have been slim lately, can get a better chance. There are also shifts in the industry that make it hard for people in Newark to get the jobs they want, and so the Shaq Tower project of Mr. O’Neal is a great boost in their chances and the town’s economy. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Omar Boraie, the Vice President of the Boraie Development, also said that such project with Mr. O’Neal makes him and his company so proud that they were able to push this project that 50 years ago would be near impossible to initiate.



About Boraie Development



Boraie Devt. Is a premium real estate developer based in New Jersey that provides Real Estate Property Management Solutions and Marketing to the local New Brunswick area. For more info you can visit rutgers.ed


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