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Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace is an international company that is willing to transform the lives of people using online therapy. The company has been helping people in many organizations, especially those who are struggling with depression and many other forms of mental diseases. The primary aim of the company is to improve the mental health of all the people who come looking for their services online. The institution has invested so much in making this process a reality for many people who are struggling.

Just recently, Talkspace announced that it was going to partner with Michael Phelps so that they can make their job better. According to the news from the company, the partnership is expected to feature a special national TV campaign where Michael Phelps will tell the world how he overcame depression and several other mental problems experienced in the future. Michael wants to use this feature to help the people he comes across to speak about their mental health without any fear because they are dealing with a disease just like any other. The businessman also wants to show the world the benefits of having a platform such as Talkspace.

In a recent interview, Michael said that he had to struggle with anxiety and depression in the course of his career life. Unlike most people in the recent times, Michael couldn’t get the help needed because there were no enough resources. When he started opening up about the issues he was dealing with, he was able to get help and also change the lives of other people in the world. Michael wants more people to speak about the mental challenges they are dealing with, and this is why he has chosen to partner with Talkspace.

Talkspace has also discussed some of the issues sexual harassment victims have to face. When a woman has gone through this, they have so many issues on their mind. Therapist who has been in the market for a long time know how important it is for this victims to get help in time. Talkspace has been in the market for enough time, and it has helped so many women dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace and other areas.