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Jeremy L. Goldstein, Giving Back to the Community as a Trusted Leader

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New York has just started a new legal referral service for those in need of an attorney. The project is called the Lawyer Referral and Information Service and is run by the New York Bar Association. Clients are able to visit and fill out basic information and describe their legal situation. The service will have a screener review the information and match the client up with an attorney in their area. Should the client live in an area that already provides a referral service, they’ll be directed to use that service, or referred by the NYBA to contact them. The fee is just $35 in most cases for a half an hour consultation with the attorney to decide if it’s a suitable match. Some cases are exempt from the fee; however, the LRIS website or agent will provide that information if applicable.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is among those great attorney’s providing assistance in the area of corporate law. His expertise is primarily in dealing with corporations that need guidance on compensation, benefits or other legal areas such as corporate governance. He’s handled some of the most complex and largest corporate matters in the last decade. He’s worked with banks, auto companies, and even the oil industry. He also works with issues regarding the merging and acquiring of companies.


Not only has Jeremy Goldstein done some impressive things in the legal arena, he’s also used his skills to help those in need. He’s served on the board of directors for charities both large and small. His humanitarian side in combination with his legal skills proves to be a great asset to these organizations. His long tenure as a director at a local charity helping those with mental illness shows his dedication to the community. Not only is Jeremy Goldstein an accomplished attorney, but also a leader in the community he serves.


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Professor Sujit Choudhry Success in Comparative Law

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Comparative law is the study of similarities and differences between two legal systems. It can involve comparing religious laws with traditional or customary laws. The comparative law also includes analyzing differences and similarities between countries legal systems for example the Chinese and the American legal systems. In most countries, comparative law has not been practiced, but for countries like England, it has been their tradition. It has helped them to know the flaws and strengths of their legal systems. Today almost every country in the world is practicing comparative law.

Importance of Comparative Law

Comparative law has some benefits. These benefits include helping to build and develop a great legal system with minimum or no flaws. Researchers can study different legal systems across the world and get to know what features should the constitution governing the country contain and what it shouldn’t. They can examine failures of an individual legal system.

Another importance of comparative law is helping countries relate with others without interfering with the laws set. By countries understanding laws of each other, carrying out business is smooth. Business people understand the laws of the countries they are dealing with, and they can run their activities without breaking the law.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned professor of comparative constitutional law. He has been in the field of comparing constitutional laws of different countries for an extended period. He has gained skills and knowledge adequate for building a constitution. Professor Choudhry has played a role in making the constitution of different countries, which include Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, and Libya among other countries.

Professor Choudhry is among the founder directors of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is an organization that gathers information useful in making a constitution. The organization creates a network of specialists to carry out research and provide an evidence-based report that paves the way for law and policy-making. The organization has been successful and has worked with various NGO’s, think tanks and Universities.


For a country to run, it requires a constitution. Making one is not an easy task. It requires a team of professionals to carry out research, compares laws of different countries, review them, and get to see their strength and weaknesses. These factors make comparative law necessary. Professor Choudhry has played a great role in making the constitution-making process easier. He has worked with some countries and helped them to build a better constitution.


Assistance for the SEC Whistleblower

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The Securities Exchange Commission has made it clear that they are determined to stop fraud, corruption and general violations and are willing to go to great lengths to do so. In order to eliminate these actions, they have increased the likelihood that people will come forward when they become aware of such things, by blowing the whistle. These types of whistleblower cases tend to come from employees who have become aware of fraud or corruption by their employer, so the SEC has created a handful of protections that serve as a shield for employees who wish to come forward as a whistleblower.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted by congress six years ago, protects employees from employers and also provides some fairly hefty monetary incentives. In the end, if someone decides to blow the whistle and a violation is imposed on the company that the finger was pointed at, the whistleblower is awarded as much as thirty percent of the overall fine. The reason for this is the fact that the Securities Exchange Commission stands to make more money in the long run by detecting this type of fraud and corruption, rather than being unaware of what is going on and losing money as a result. The monetary amounts that have been awarded to whistleblowers has been steadily increasing and there have been quite a few multi-million dollar payouts.

This is particularly important to anyone who wants to come out as a whistleblower, as although there is a lot more protection for those people that want to come forward these days, the financial future for a whistleblower can still be murky. A big payout is a major incentive, but if you do want to come forward, make you you get yourself an SEC whistleblower attorney. There are plenty of law firms that focus solely on whistleblower cases and by hiring one of them as your lawyer, you will have a much better time going through the process and will likely get a bigger pay out in the end. Based on the fact that it is relatively new for attorneys to be taking on these types of cases as a specialization, those attorneys that have been taking similar cases for several years will have an easier time in court, merely based on experience. Because of this, the best course of action is to hire a reputable SEC whistleblower lawyer.