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The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is Changing Immigrant Lives

The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is Changing Immigrant Lives

A recent study shows that migrant workers, women and immigrants are always in need of with matters concerning human and civil rights. In the United States, these individuals live in fear because powerful people might harm them in the society.

These groups of people are easily forced into challenging situations where they never help themselves. The Larkin and Lacey Fund is, however, working hard to give these people a new meaning in life. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin understand what these vulnerable people go through in their lives, and that is why they are determined to help them.

How is the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Funded?

The initial funding of the powerful organization was received from a settlement that came from a lawsuit filed by the two journalists. The three million dollars was given to Jim and Michael sued Sheriff Arpaio because he false fully arrested them. At the end of the case, the gentlemen were given a large amount of money as compensation.

Instead of using the money for their personal gains, the two journalists decided to form powerful nonprofit-making institutions that would help similar organizations to make a change in the society.

What are the goals of the nonprofit making organization?

The Larkin and Lacey fund has several goals. First of all, it focuses on helping the individuals who are vulnerable in the society. The fund also wants to assist for the persons who do not have the power and resources to fight for themselves.

Under the leadership of Michael and Jim, the fund provides people with money to get legal representation. According to them, this is the perfect way to secure freedom for the people who cannot access justice. The nonprofit making organization is also a platform to raise money so that other individuals in the society can get justice.


Jim and Michael have been in the journalism industry for a while, and they use their professionals to report on any abuses that is made to politicians in the country. The duo is also working hard to come up with content to ensure that everyone in the society understands how it feels like to be denied justice in the modern times.

The two professionals use their own story to motivate people in the society to fight for their justice. Michael and Jim believe that everyone has the freedom of expression.

Changing the migration culture

There are millions of people who go to the United States in search of employment opportunities. In most cases, these group doesn’t have adequate help, and they end up frustrated and misused by those in power.

These people work in the agriculture industry. Without the right support, the immigrants are abused, and this means that they need advocacy.

The Frontera Fund is doing a lot to ensure that these people settle and get the life they have been dreaming about. The fund identifies these people in the society, gives then the resources and job they need so that they can live like any other citizen in the United States.

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