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Oncotarget Free Journals Comes in Handy to Address Your Needs of Useful Medical Information

Oncotarget Free Journals Comes in Handy to Address Your Needs of Useful Medical Information

Over the years, medical researchers and scientists have continued to make headway in unearthing important information about various ailments. However, patients and caregivers cannot access this information if no efforts are made to make it easily accessible. It is with this in mind that Oncotarget was unveiled. This medical journal provides medical information that goes a long way in helping thousands of individuals from all walks of life to prevent diseases as well as to manage the already existing ones. It allows researchers in various medical sectors contribute to the progress of science in a helpful way.

The Worthy Goals

The much-experienced professionals writing in the Oncotaget journal have worked tirelessly over the years with the main mission of extensively and timely providing proven medical results. Their ultimate goal is to achieve a disease-free world by encouraging the use of clinical and basic science in tackling diseases as well as ensuring that their discoveries make a positive impact on patients and other individuals. They also aim at bringing together different types of biomedical sciences, with a target to remove borders. The Gordon Research Conference sponsors Their research projects. Download output styles at

Insightful Information

Oncotarget medical journal is available both online and in print for special requests. Impact Journal publishes the free to access newsletter on weekly releases. Led by their well-able chief editors Mikhail Blagosklonny, a renowned oncologist, and Andrei V. Gudkov, a cancer researcher and a college professor, Oncotarget is dedicated to preparing well researched and insightfully reviewed materials that combine several disciplines covering all aspects of oncology. Since its inception in 2010, Oncotarget has grown from their initial mission of researching on cancer treatments to engage in other sections that are beyond oncology, such as Immunology & Microbiology, Pathology, Gerotarget/Aging, Neurology, Metabolism, Autophagy, and Cell Death.


Oncotarget has gained popularity among the people for its impeccable performance and generous contributions in the medical field. The relentless efforts of the researchers couldn’t go unnoticed – members of Oncotarget, including Stephen J. Elledge, Michael N. Hall, Alexander Varshavsky, and Bert Vogelstein grabbed the highest award in history, the Breakthrough Prize, in 2013. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Oncotarget: a treasure of research knowledge on Oncology

Oncotarget: a treasure of research knowledge on Oncology

The arena of oncology is one of the most sought after topics in the field of modern medicine and research. Some universities and research institutes are now running oncology research on a larger scale and developing a pool research data and findings on Oncology, the study related to cancer. Unfortunately, the knowledge on oncology is quite exclusive, and there aren’t that many easily available journals on this as well.

Oncotarget is considered as one of the most popular and useful journals on oncology. It is a weekly journal which is reviewed by peers. It provides open access to medical journals that focuses on research on every aspect of oncology. In addition to oncology, it also has a huge collection of research data on other topics as well. This journal was published in 2010 by Impact Journals. They publish their articles online, and most of their issues can be published on paper if requested. This is also one of the first journals to provide real-time tracking of article coverage on DovePress in digital and traditional media channels.

Since 2010, Oncotarget has published hundreds of articles on LinkedIn by some of the topmost scholars from across the globe. It has a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Within five years, it achieved an impact score 5.008 that is quite remarkable for a journal. It is abstracted and indexed in a number of prominent sources such as Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed, BIOSIS Previews, the Science Citation Index Expanded, and Scopus. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov from Roswell Park Cancer Institute are now serving as the editors in chief of this journal

Regarding publication, Oncotarget has a very strict policy regarding publication, conflict of interest, plagiarism. Their peer review process is made with a substantial assessment, and they have managed to develop a pool of regular contributors comprising researchers, scientist, and subject matter specialists. They also have huge of a pool of editors who are working around the clock to make the journal even more credible and useful.

Although Oncotarget started the journey with a single focus on Oncology in the beginning, it has gradually moved into other subjects as well. In this journal, you can find a vast collection of articles and research findings on Oncology as well Geotarget/Aging, Pathology beyond Oncology, Immunology and Microbiology, Autophagy and Cell Death, and Chromosome. In future, they have plans to launch a few more sections on more diversified topics. If you are a researcher or student looking for credible information on oncology, this is the journal you can visit at