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The Passion of Collecting With Michael Zomber

The Passion of Collecting With Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber appeared on TV on the June 12th edition of the podcast iUniverse and talked about his new authored book, Shogun lemitsu. During the interview, Michael Zomber talks about his greatest inspiration that made him author the book, his great love for the Japanese culture, and history of the larger circle. He is worth listening to when it comes to Japanese culture.

Michael Zomber is very passionate about traditional arms, and he’s sharing his passion with the world. He has been collecting traditional firearms and armor for more than four decades now, and he has the urge and desire to share all the knowledge he has gained. One of his outlet that helps him share his experience is the History TV Channel. With a documentary film in guns, Michael will assure you that his passion is not just about the weapons.

His love for the Japanese Samurai swords has driven him to share more through the screenplays he has written, and his storytelling gift has riveted numerous people. Historical novels that Zomber has authored do shed some light on the reason why these antique weapons have a great significance to the historians and readers and are special. His expertise has made him an internationally recognized expert, and his Bushido documentary, Soul of the Samurai, has put him on the map as one of the most respected historians of all time.

Zomber has partnered with his wife and founded their film company, Renascent Films, LLC. Due to this topic’s nature, Zomber thought that it was a wise idea to be part of the company that is set to foster peace. Residing in Philadelphia, Zomber and his family fit right in with numerous traditional experts that work and live in the area.

There is always a way, and there is always a warrior way. For Zomber, a Samurai culture expert, the way of the warrior, commonly known as the Bushido, is the lifeblood of how one should conduct his behavior. For Michael Zomber, that means applying the principle in different areas. His hobbies, interests, and work are often intertwined.