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A Bit of History on Brad Reifler, American Businessman

A Bit of History on Brad Reifler, American Businessman

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital has reached massive success over the course of his career. His experience prior to his founding of Forefront and his role there prepared him greatly for the new challenges he would face in his role at Forefront Capital.

Having worked at Pali Capital and as a trader during his time with Refo, he was able to gain valuable experience in multiple areas of the financial marketplace. Riefler had started his own company, Reifler Trading which was ultimately acquired by Refco in 2000.

Brad Reifler also worked with Sino Mercury, an acquisition company with the intent only to enter into holdings companies and eventually create a merger. The idea is to bring companies together that may be struggling but have a solid foundation and great potential.

These mergers may also take place between two companies in which one has a high performance background and is able to help another company build a foundation along the way. Whether acquiring stocks or other assets, Sino Mercury started its work in 2014 and was able to merge with Wins, a company that was located in the British Virgin Islands.

The company was seeking acquisitions in China a year after their inception, only to discover that they were about to face grave challenges in getting entrepreneurs to sell their assets at a low price for their benefit.

According to Crunchbase, there are numerous companies that Brad Reifler worked for, and with the experience that he gained while working with acquisitions in other countries, he was gaining valuable business experience that would serve him well while trying to build his knowledge of global banking.

The unique challenge that Brad Reifler spoke out on with China, was how they would care for their elderly population in the future.

The country is so densely populated that as a country they struggle to find one viable solution to serve all the people of China unlike how the United States has an expectation for a majority of citizens to feel that they can make social security their fall back.

Bloomberg has it that Brad Reifler offered up his vision in hopes that China would have a bold wakeup call to prepare better for the future for those of retirement age when that day came along.

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