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The Career and Philanthropy of George Soros

The Career and Philanthropy of George Soros

According to Forbes, George Soros is worth $26.2 billion. He made his fortune as the Founder of Soros Fund Management, LLC. Soros was born in Hungary and his family fled the country due to the events of World War II and political unrest in the country. He attended the London School of Economics and then eventually immigrated to the United States. He settled in New York and, with $12 million, founded his company as a hedge fund in 1969.

As an investor, George Soros had an amazing amount of success. His biggest success came in 1992 when he and Stan Druckenmiller shorted the British Pound. He made so much money from this currency trade that he was credited as being the one who broke the Bank of England. Soros still continues to lead his company, including the recent hiring of Dawn Fitzpatrick as the new Chief Investment Officer. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros has been a longtime progressive, liberal, and supporter of Democratic candidates. He operates the Open Society Foundation where he seeks to keep the United States as an open society. He also resists Russian influence in Eastern Europe by funding political groups that seek to become and/or maintain being open societies with Western influence rather than being controlled by the authoritarian Russian government of Vladimir Putin.

George Soros is also a prominent critic of Donald Trump and his authoritarian style. He recently met with Democratic leaders including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison in order to develop a plan to fight the closed society policies of President Donald Trump. This meeting was the first major one held after the surprising and disturbing win Trump had in the presidential election. The plans that they developed were to not just combat Trump and the Republicans during the first 100 days of his administration but to also develop early plans for the upcoming 2018 and 2020 national elections. Learn more about his profile at

This meeting took place against a backdrop where many Democrats are completely rethinking how they approach politics and voters. The group that George Soros is part of; the Democracy Alliance built its 2016 campaign around Hillary Clinton and her policies. They also thought they could win by mobilizing women and minorities while essentially ignoring working-class and poor white people. Many Democrats believe this strategy backfired and was the reason why Donald Trump won the election. The new plans being developed include how to reach working-class white people and address their main concerns, while continuing to appeal to women and minorities as well.

George Soros created the Democracy Alliance in 2004 along with now-deceased Peter Lewis and other wealthy donors. The group is planning on spending more than ever in order to defeat the plans of President Trump.

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OSI Group: What You Need to Know

OSI Group: What You Need to Know

OSI offers a variety of food solutions: breakfast, lunch, entrees, side dishes, desserts, and snacks; with OSI foods, you can rest assured that you are supplying your immune system with what it must have to keep you healthy.

Food produces nutrients, which then are deposited and absorbed into our bodies. It is every individual’s best interest to know that a human body does comprise of 11 systems, all of which hold similar metrics, and therefore, important. All of these body systems are nurtured differently, dependent upon their function.

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For instance: the immune system comprises of a group of cells, tissue, and organs that must work together to build a wall to guard against disease. Of those cells…are white blood cells that seek out and exterminate disease-causing structures and material. On the other hand, the nervous system responds to both internal and external changes through triggering suitable glands and muscle.

It is therefore of uttermost importance that every part of the body is cared for adequately to keep our systems functioning well.

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Most people do not completely understand that what we eat have far-reaching replications, thereby failing to supply their bodies with vital nutrients that keep them healthy… Each and every part of a human body is vital, and therefore must be taken care of adequately for the body to build defenses that guard against disease.

It is also important to know that many diseases attack the human body in different ways- one will attack the skin, while another will attack the eyes. A well-balanced meal is one that comprises of: fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry – with each supplying the body with different nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

When we deny our bodies of either of those foods…we create an atmosphere that is high risk and leave it defenseless; the body is stronger and healthier when we supply it with vital nutrients. A balanced diet builds a disease fighting mechanism that is stronger and solid.

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It is through the food we choose to eat that we are stronger; a body is weaker on an empty stomach…which is why we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks through out the day.
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