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The making of Lori Senecal’s Success Story

The making of Lori Senecal’s Success Story

Lori Senecal ventured into the corporate world after graduating with a degree in sales and marketing. She is not only skilled and motivated, but her dedication to bringing out the best in everything she does has made her likable among different employers from the first day she started working at the company. After years in the corporate scene, she decided to venture out on her own by launching a young-adult marketing unit called TAG ideation. She was bound to be a success in her new venture given the experience gained while working with popular brands such as coca cola, sprint, Xbox, staples among others.

Between 2005 and 2008 Lori Senecal worked as a chief marketing officer for the DDB worldwide communication and later promoted to head the sales and marketing division. Later in 2015, she served as the Chief executive officer and director of MDC partners where she also acted as the director of the advertising council. Before joining MDC, Lori was the global chairman of kbs+, and under her management, the company was listed among the best workplaces within New York. The company also saw a substantial growth from 250 to 900 people globally.

The company has also featured on different advertisements for three consecutive years, and this has brought a positive image to the organization regarding business operations. This has, in turn, increased the company’s collaboration and agility making it a modern company. Her leadership skills brought about the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization given that she mainly concentrated on innovation talents that would be used in initiating growth and change within the firm.

Apart from her leadership quality, Lori possesses other skills that aid in making her success. First, she is a guru in digital strategy, integrated marketing, and advertisement. Also, with a deeper understanding of how to actualize new business ideas and provide creative direction, she is one of the highly sought financial advisors. Her quest for entrepreneurship has made her a mentor to those who are starting out in business. That aside, she has created incubated startups whose ideas are pitched from the forums organized by the company. She is also among the co-founder of the Isaac award organization that celebrates and honors the inventions from students. You can follow him on Twitter

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