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The Accomplishments of Dr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare

The Accomplishments of Dr. Rick Shinto at InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a company whose clear mission is to deliver quality medical care to its clients and as well make good use of their well-qualified professionals to build the company and safeguard stability. Other co-values that the company holds on to are teamwork, proper communication, clear vision, good working relationships and transparency. Without these qualities, their Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto admits that the company would not have got to the heights they are in the health sector. InnovaCare Health has two affiliates in Puerto Rico: PMC Medicare Choice Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc., which give high quality care programs with the aim of encouraging physical and emotional growth of members. Read more about Rick Shinto at

One respected authority in the healthcare industry is Rick Shinto who is also the president of InnovaCare. He brings vast experience in leadership and technical areas from his previous service in clinical and operational healthcare. Rick began his career as a pulmonologist in Southern California and worked as Medical Management’s Vice President prior to making a move to Cal Optima Health Plan of Orange County as the Chief Medical Officer. While working at Aveta Inc. he was honored for his commitment to excellence in financial performance, innovative ideas and desires to help the community with an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. Other companies he worked for include NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company.

Rick Shinto has a rich educational background having attained his M.B.A. at the University of Redlands, a B.S. from the University of California and his medical degree at the New York State University. Since then, the medical professional has grown both in fame and in popularity also because of his well-written articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Most people know him for the changes he has effected at InnovaCare Health, and all the credit for the company’s success goes to him. He still dreams and works hard to make the company grow in other markets and, thus, make substantial improvements that will be of help to the patients. The benefit of the company that Rick Shinto heads is enjoyed by members of the society who can boast of receiving affordable healthcare even to an average person. It is, therefore, not surprising that they have attracted a huge following from all over, beating insurance companies due to the technology used. Shinto’s inventiveness and leadership skills have hugely boosted InnovaCare in to the success it is today.

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The Flourishing History of the New TSE Minister, Luciana Lossio

The Flourishing History of the New TSE Minister, Luciana Lossio

On the 26th of May, 2016, Luciana Lossio was sworn in as the Minister-in-Chief of TSE (The Superior Electoral Court). The inauguration ceremony had begun at seven in the evening inside the plenary sector of the legal court. Luciana Lossio is an esteemed lawyer recognized for her notable contributions to the judicial sector. The titular Minister position had become available after the parting of the preceding Minister, Arnold Versiani. According to the Federal Constitution, the TSE is instructed to comprise of a subtotal of at least seven judges. Three out of seven of these occupants must be originated from the STF (the Superior Federal Court). Two out of seven of the occupants must initiate from STJ. The remaining two of the seven occupiers must be selected by the judicial members of the Supreme Court from a compiled list of most eligible candidates for the position.


Lossio was selected for the position of the Minister-in-Chief of TSE because of her admirable display of professionalism and technical responsibilities she was successful in fulfilling all throughout her career history. Also, she is recognized for her early development of modern views and strategies as well as her ability to swiftly prioritize and attend to essential matters. At the inauguration, she articulated her future plans she was looking forward to carrying out. She also clarified any inaccurate information against her with politeness and sincerity. This is because Lossio has a deep understanding of the public’s concerns and respect towards the instituted entitlements of all human beings.


Luciana Lossio and her Professional World


Luciana Lossio had developed a career full of remarkable achievements which prove to be exemplary in the eyes of pursuers of professions within the world of law. 2011 was the year when she first pioneered in securing one of the three vacancies solely available for lawyers. This was also the period when she occupied the role of Substitute Minister of TSE. After completing all the necessary education for being a qualified lawyer, Lossio was appointed at the Attorney General’s Office. She worked there for seven years. At the Attorney General’s Office, she was closely supervised by two noteworthy previous Attorneys General of the Republic, Geraldo Brindeiro, and Cláudio Fonteles. Her role at the Attorney General’s Office was as an advisor of cases which were to be ruled under the STF or the TSE. She served her role with utmost passion, logic, and integrity considering the cases with corresponding legalities and situations at respective present scenarios. Lossio is also a prestigious member of IBRADE (the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law).


How Eric Lefkofsky is Using Data to Defeat Cancer

How Eric Lefkofsky is Using Data to Defeat Cancer

Throughout his diverse and lauded career, serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has made a name for himself by using data to create industry-leading companies. Over his 20+ year career, Lefkofsky has used data analytics to disrupt industries ranging from freight logistics at Echo Global Logistics to media-buying at MediaBank to, most famously, the e-commerce marketplace at Groupon.

It was with this same data-driven mindset that Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus, a health-tech startup that’s building “an operating system to battle cancer.” The goal of Tempus is simple: to help cancer-stricken patients and their doctors fight the disease by learning from the treatment data of other patients around the country.

For the healthcare industry, an industry that has been notoriously slow to modernize, Tempus represents a new, technology-driven approach to cancer treatment. Analyzing molecular and therapeutic data, Tempus will allow doctors to be more informed about the latest trends and, most importantly, provide more personalized treatments for patients.

For Lefkofsky, who will lead Tempus as its CEO, it would have been all too easy to take a break and rest on his earlier successes following his departure from Groupon in 2015. Instead, however, Lefkofsky, who has donated millions to cancer research, decided to use data science to help an industry in desperate need of a technological facelift.

While Lefkofsky will be the first to tell you his new venture is, first and foremost, a business, the company’s goal and mission is, perhaps, more in line with Lefkofsky’s philanthropic endeavors. Like his entrepreneurial career, Lefkofsky’s philanthropic strategy is wide-ranging and diverse. Between his foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, and his own personal philanthropy, Lefkofsky supports and donates to causes ranging from education and human rights to arts and culture. Lefkofsky has been particularly influential and generous to the city of Chicago, where he sits on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, the board of directors of The Art Institute of Chicago, the board of directors of The Museum of Science and Industry, and a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, a Chicago-based performing arts institution. On top of all of this, Lefkofsky has followed in the footsteps of wealthy entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet and Bill gates in taking the The Giving Pledge, a commitment to give a large portion of his new worth to philanthropic causes.

In many ways, Tempus is just another way Lefkofsky is giving back. This time, though, he is hoping to do so using data science and analytics. Given his track record over the past 23 years, it would seem a safe bet to think Tempus is destined for great things.

Sam Tabar Takes Charge At The Fullcycle Fund

Sam Tabar Takes Charge At The Fullcycle Fund

Leadership skills are often quite important. All companies need someone to help them figure out how to get through the day. People who can provide such skills are often welcomed by the company as they can show others how to make the company more efficiently. Someone who knows this is lawyer and business professional Sam Tabar. Tabar has held many important positions since his graduation from Columbia Law School. His work has focused on many aspects of the world of business. His latest venture should help his colleagues and him expand his career horizons and hopefully even make the world a better place. He is going to become the Chief Operating Officer at the Fullcycle Energy Fund.

A Talented Senior Leadership Team

Tabar joins Fullcycle as part of a talented team already in place. His colleagues here welcome his decision to become part of the fund as they know that he brings a great deal of insight to the company. They also know that he brings a great deal of understanding of many aspects of both business and law as well as a determination to help advance the goals of the organization.

A Strong Background

Sam’s own background is one that is quite cosmopolitan. He has been heavily involved in many areas of business and finance even while growing up in the United Kingdom. After graduating from a highly prestigious university in the United Kingdom, he went on to add a law degree from an Ivy League university in the United States. After that, his career quickly boomed. He was immediately hired as an associate by Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP where his personal focus was on the world of international finance. Since that time, he has been there for all who need his help in making sense of the fiscal world and understanding what kind of investments might be right for their fiscal plans in life.  Follow Sam on social media through Twitter, as well as his investor profile on