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Twenty Three Layers Puts the Pro in Prompt and Professional

Twenty Three Layers Puts the Pro in Prompt and Professional

Have you ever been disappointed with a hired service simply because you could not help but wonder if you could have done the task yourself? From indoor plumbing to party planning, there is a need for a professional, but it is salient to recognize those needs. Just as planning an event yourself would be difficult, the process of investing in the proper planner is fairly taxing as well, but worth the effort.

Distinguish the Why’s

Too often, people plan massive events without recognizing why the event is important to begin with. If you do not have a good reason for throwing an extensive party, do not. If you must, though, research professionals based on their intended area of prowess. For example, if you need help planning your wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner rather than a general professional.

Find the Flowers in the Weeds

Certain companies plan low-key parties and boast of their efforts on such a large scale that they seem far more skilled than they really are. Choose three to four planners, interview and meet with each, and make your decision based on each encounter. Of course, never forget to read their reviews, view their portfolios, and check their references.

Remember Your Experience

When that occurs, you must recognize your experience with hiring a party planner. Was it worth it? Were they worth it? Will you hire them in the future? More importantly, did you ever need to consider relieving them of their duties during the planning process? If so, why didn’t you?

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC that rarely needs second consideration when opting to hire professionals.  The professionals’ marriage of vintage elements with contemporary fads sets them apart from countless other companies and allows them to sustain a heavy presence in bustling New York City.