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Jim Tananbaum; the mastermind behind healthcare investments

Jim Tananbaum; the mastermind behind healthcare investments

Contemporary medicine is founded on independent measurement but following psychological wellbeing has been restricted to particular information in a medical surrounding. The Principal to Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagum, thinks that to improve the outcome for individuals with the mental disorder, one might require objective measures for other prolonged diseases. The technology at Mindstrong provides an incessant, unbiased measures of performance and understanding at a resolution level. There is now a platform where the scrolling and typing on a digital phone can be used to determine the brain functioning of the patient. Jim Tananbaum, who is the Principal of Foresite Capital, said in the release that the team of Mindstrong Health enlightens ways in which medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health orders.

The aim of Mindstrong is to provide patients with the incessant numerical biomarkers of attitude and cognition which is inclusive of speed care, memory, and executive purpose. The smartphones are the best shot in finding a solution to the mental disorders using this special technology. Jim states that by combining various technologies and leadership from Paul, Rick, and Tom, there is a chance that the outcomes will get a stage that updates and greatly improves the method of care providence. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is the initiator and Principal of Foresite Capital. Besides Foresite Capital, he is a co-founder of Prospect Venture Partner and Theravance. Mr. Tananbaum has an MBA, an MD from Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School respectively. He also has a B.S in electrical engineering from Yale University. His 25 years’ experience has seen him through very many investments that have strategically placed him in the top 100 Forbes list investors. He is a man focused on strategic, operational and financial opportunities to assist in franchising healthcare enterprises. Foresite Capital seeks to provide capital to upcoming healthcare frontrunners who have disruptive produces and services across most healthcare segments. Foresite is currently based in San Francisco and offices in New York. He is also a co-partner at GelTex Pharmaceuticals a drug manufacturing company that brought two drugs to the market earning them almost $1.6 billion.

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Arthur’s Becker Success Secrets Revealed

Arthur’s Becker Success Secrets Revealed

Arthur Becker has a long history with technology and real estate. With great success in investing in companies like NaviSite and Vera Wang. He started off in technology but is currently focusing on his residential development business and is working to create different properties for different types of people. Becker has extended his real estate business to the New York and Florida areas. Due to his success, Arthur Beck sat down with Inspirery, to answer some questions. He first described how he started in the technology industry in February 2003 while working with NaviSite as their CEO. Then he started his own real estate business in 2011 called Madison Partners. He explained that he makes his money through investing in properties, then fixing them up and ultimately selling or leasing them for a higher profit.

Arthur Becker, said that when starting his business, he almost immediately turned a profit, when he was in the technology industry. He continued to explain how he did not ever doubt himself as a businessman and knowing a lot about the business helped with his confidence. His knowledge and experience in business is what Becker credits to giving him his first customer when he opened his company and as one of his marketing strategies. According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker says that he has not experienced any tough times lately and contributes his success to coming into the market at the right time.

Arthur Becker, attend Bennington College and received a Bachelor in Arts in 1972 and also attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth for a year. As the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC, Arthur Becker has made a big name for himself in the Technology industry. Before joining Zinio, LLC, he was the CEO of Navisite which is a company that provides technology and application management services. Navisite provides service to the United States and United Kingdom and has been around since 2002. They also provide a data center for hosting and a cloud-based application management. Arthur Becker was Vera Wang, who is his ex-wife, senior advisor for 7 years. Becker is known for his skills in investments, real estate, venture capitals etc. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Eric Pulier And How His Contribution Has Supported Entrepreneurial Growth

Eric Pulier And How His Contribution Has Supported Entrepreneurial Growth

The growth of entrepreneurship across the world has been motivated by many factors among them the development of the technological landscape that has been supportive when it comes to marketing and other processes that help the business to grow. Technology makes every process easy and improves quality and productivity in a business. With the rising competition in the world of business, it would be wise to embrace modern technology and ideas that are in line with the needs of the business at any particular time.

These are some of the things experts in technology like Eric Pulier advocate for to help businesses to achieve their goals seamlessly. Eric Pulier is an individual who has been working with businesses from different parts of the world and offering solutions that have helped entrepreneurs to build solid and reliable businesses.

He began working on his career over 20 years ago when he established himself as a young technologist interested in building unique solutions for businesses in different specialties. Additionally, Eric Pulier has been working with philanthropic foundations by offering them the support needed to implement ideas that can alleviate suffering from those battling chronic illnesses and the financially disadvantaged communities.


The educational background of Eric Pulier was based on pursuing new methods of dealing with challenges in the world of business. He started admiring technology as early as fourth grade and immediately began working on learning about various technologies available at the time. When he joined the Teaneck High School, his goals grew bigger and he continued to research about technology and ways through which he could solve problems ailing the world. He, as a result of this dedication, managed to launch a database company before he graduated from high school.

In 1984, Eric Pulier was admitted at the MIT College to pursue Computer Science and he fortunately also got a slot to join the Harvard University, where he was picked to pursue American Literature and English. Through effort and passion, he managed to complete the courses in 1988 and was awarded high honors. This marked the beginning of his career, which he has been working n all along.