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Great Milestones in Advertising and Entrepreneurship

Great Milestones in Advertising and Entrepreneurship

Alexandre Gama is possibly one of the biggest names in advertising. He is an entrepreneur that started out in 1982 as a writer for Standart Ogilvy, a public relations and marketing agency. Later on, he worked at the Sao Paulo, Brazil company DM9 doing copy writing. After four years at DM9, and becoming Brazil’s most-awarded writer, Alexandre Gama worked for two other agencies before leaving to start Neogama.

As the founder and CEO of Neogama, Alexandre Gama worked to place his company on Brazil’s top 20 largest advertising agencies. Not only did Neogama become a very large, successful company, but there were many firsts for Gama and Brazil for awards and company growth. A Lion award was issued to Gama at the Cannes Film Festival. This made Neogama the very first Brazilian company given a Lion award at the festival for company growth in the first year of foundation.

Later on, another win was made at the Cannes Film Festival for the Press and Film categories, making Neogama a two-time winner of the Lion award, which celebrates the best creative work in the world.

Alexandre Gama has continued to reach some of the most-recognized awards in and out of his company.