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How End Citizens United Is Implementing Electoral Reforms And Eliminating Corporate PAC Funding

How End Citizens United Is Implementing Electoral Reforms And Eliminating Corporate PAC Funding

End Citizens United has been on the forefront of advocating for an end of corporate PAC funding. To manage its mission, the company offers financial support to candidates who break out with their corporate funders. Many candidates are embracing these funding strategy; up to now, 130 candidates have received the company’s endorsement.

The growing base of candidates being endorsed by End Citizens United has seen multiple developments. The company is focused on increasing the funds raised from $25 in 2016 to $35 in 2018. Besides, the company’s staff has doubled to sustain the growing base of donors.

The organization is not just interested to end corporate PAC funding, it is also concerned with initiating complaints against the regulation’s defaulters. This year, it filed a complaint against a Senate contestant Rick Scott. The complaint is based on Scott’s alleged violation of anti-coordination law that also involves the New Republican PAC.

End Citizens United states that the contestant is concerned with winning the race using super PAC support, rather than following the law’s regulations. It is not hard to see why Scott has managed to raise over $75 million for his senate campaigns; he had been chairman of the group before his resignation to concentrate on the senate elections. Consequently, PAC resolved to support Mr. Scott in his ambitions of joining the US Senate.

But Rick Scott didn’t let these allegations go unanswered. He retaliated strongly in denial of the company’s allegations. These led to an exchange battle between the company and Rick’s campaign team. For instance, the company answered back Mr. Scott’s denial of the allegations by providing a proof, which included a documentation document of Scott as the chairman of PAC.

Certainly, Rick Scott poses as someone not interested with election reforms. It is also alleged that his poll ratings are financed by the New Republican. ECU Company is collecting further evidence against Rick Scott. The most recent evidence emerges from the association between Scott, the New Republican, and a renowned fundraiser Jenny Rucker. Other organizations have also produced sufficient evidences. For instance, the Washington Post run a March article revealing a planned dinner between Scott and the New Republican. Also, a report by the Tampa Bay Times alleged that the New Republican would receive funding from Scott on February.

Ultimately, as far as electoral reforms are concerned, contestants are at huge risks if they violate these terms. End Citizens United will not relent initiating these reforms, and ending corporate PAC funding altogether.