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Mike Baur Goes Higher

Mike Baur Goes Higher

Mike Baur is a famous entrepreneur who has accomplished so much. He is the executive chairman and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He attained an MBA from Rochester University as well as another MBA from Berne University. He comes from Switzerland. Baur also has good skills in investment and leadership. He has been in the bank industry for 20 years. He began banking right from home and this enhanced his skills in business.


Mike Baur also dedicates his time to help upcoming businessmen to do well in their enterprises. He has been able to gather a number of the young entrepreneurs from Switzerland so that he can assist them in growing their businesses. He is a consultant who gives necessary advice to them when business matters are involved. Apart from guiding them he also offers capital so that they can begin well without any difficulty. He tells them to always have good values and principles which will help them lead their businesses appropriately. As the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory Baur has the task of managing financial procedures and fundraising. The company has collaborated with Finten Fusion as well as CTI to create more success.


Swiss Startup Factory is inclusive of the best private organizations in Switzerland. The company has massively developed thus getting that opportunity. Other than handling the business duties, the firm is also in charge of coaching the young entrepreneurs to do better in their business thus it has always had a course that is over a period of 3 months. This course has different units such as finance, counseling and working space.


The organization has maintained its effort in achieving their goals. One of the main duties of the company is creating a number of businesses that will make an accomplishment in future. Mike Baur uses the strategy of teamwork to reach greater heights of success. Teamwork also enhances the increase of clients and this will be able to make a better profit. Every business should begin with an excellent start thus it will accomplish much more.


The 3 months course taken by the young entrepreneurs is a way of helping them showcase some of their skills in business and the leaders of the company will lead them on the correct path on their business plans. Mike Baur and his team have highly contributed to the development of Swiss Startup Factory thus more success is attained.


“Glen Wakeman: The Expert Go-To In Start-Up Business Ventures”

“Glen Wakeman: The Expert Go-To In Start-Up Business Ventures”

Glen Wakeman is considered golden in the venture capital and business industries. He has an extensive knowledge base in business strategy and has helped many C-Level executives improve their operations with mentorship programs. He developed a five key strategical approach to the better business outcome and taught these steps to other failing entrepreneurs in the mentorship programs. The five steps he employs are outlined as follows.

  • Readying a business for infrastructure change
  • Transitioning strategy and perspective approach with capital gains
  • Uniting innovative technology with people and enforcing the outcome
  • Abridging any errors and delays
  • Instituting managerial control

Glen found Launch Pad Holdings in 2015 (Ideamensch). Launch Pad serves a large venue of services and capital venture trades. He performed many operations within both companies including recapitalization procedures, new market entry, integration, start-ups for companies, mortgage, retail and other banking procedures and strategies. Glen has worked in the venture capitalism industries for over 20 years and expertly knows the ins and outs of the market.

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton in 1981 and earned his BS in Economics and finance there. He received an MBA in Finance in 1993 from the University of Chicago. He has his Six Black Belt certification and is constantly ensuring new and innovative ways to improving business and market commodities. During his career with GE, he earned the recognition of being a Growth Leadership role model and continues in this notable tradition with the many ways he has given back to society and philanthropic deeds. He is an advisor to two companies known as DreamFunded and Sitter Bees. DreamFunded is a capital crowd-funding company that permits non-accredited investors to receive investment opportunities in private businesses as well as accredited investors. Sitter Bees is an app that connects thoroughly vetted babysitters with people requiring their services in real-time ( Glen Wakeman also has a blog that he generously uses to share his extensive knowledge about on fiscal gain ventures and methods. He is dedicated and motivated in seeing people prosper in their finances and businesses.