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Octavio De Lazari Elected As President In Place Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Octavio De Lazari Elected As President In Place Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

When a big corporation undergoes significant changes, everyone in the industry is on the lookout to see what happens. The same goes for Bradesco when they decided to conduct a number of changes in their management. The changes were much anticipated since it left the positions of chairman and President of the company open after the previous chairman of the company retired at the age of ninety-one. Prior to making the announcement people all over the banking and insurance industry were speculating who the next viable President of the company is going to be.

At last, Bradesco has put all of those positions to rest by electing Octavio de Lazari to the position of President of the company according to Even though the announcement of his appointment has already been made by the company, he has not yet started acting out his duties as the President of the company. Lazari will officially be allowed to commence his operations when the annual meeting of the shareholders is held in March. This will be the day that Lazari is officially declared the President of the company.

Bradesco was mandated to make a decision one month before the annual general shareholders meeting was to be held. The company was required to submit the name of the President of the company to the Central Bank of Brazil during this period, which is also when they made this announcement. Prior to Lazari being instated to the position of President, the post was held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who will now be taking over the position of Chairman of the company.

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When it was time to elect a new chairperson, the board of directors at Bradesco wanted someone who was well versed with the company and who had been working with them for a long time. Their requirements were someone who could lead the company as efficiently as the previous chairman did, and who adhered to the value systems that they had in place. The company has always followed a tradition of only electing members from within the company, and never taking any external members who haven’t worked with Bradesco for a considerable amount of time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a classic example of someone who has worked hard all through his life and now-now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Trabuco started working at Bradesco at an incredibly young age as clerk and was inclined to working in the banking sector. He got a job at a Bradesco outlet near his residence and started working there. He knew that if he wanted to make it in life, he would have to work harder than he ever did to make it to the top. With determination and a goal in mind, Trabuco climbed up the ranks to become one of the more notable names at Bradesco. His first executive position was when he took over Bradesco Seguros as CEO, which stands as the insurance segment of the company. He performed incredibly well at his role and was then promoted to the position of President of the entire company.

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