AvaTrade Review, Certifies the Broker as a Legit trading Partner

AvaTrade Review, Certifies the Broker as a Legit trading Partner

The primary question people seeking for a broker ask is regarding the authenticity of the trading platform that the brokers use. This is imperative given the many online trading platforms that have cropped up since the internet came about hence making it difficult for traders to choose the best one for them.


This often leads to a series of other questions before traders can fully embrace an online trading platform, such as whether the platform is reliable, affordable and user-friendly. Fortunately AvaTrade is the perfect answer as it is the premium brokerage platform for trading in CFDs and Forex and a recent AvaTrade broker review reveals that the platform is legit and not a fraudulent site.




An AvaTrade customer review analyzes key factors that effectively write off the possibility of any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the site. According to an AvaTrade review, the brokerage firm is licensed to operate by the major regulatory bodies of the European Union among them the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade is also registered with the Spanish CNMV.


Additionally, the broker does not charge commissions for trading and this makes AvaTrade a darling among most traders because it saves them a considerable amount of money by not charging them commissions. According to the AvaTrade review, the broker’s most valuable and acclaimed feature is the massive leverage that they allow to their traders. Hence it does not restrict a trader, and a trader is allowed to invest 400 times the money he/she has put in.


The AvaTrade broker review further retaliates that the broker is well certified because they are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. By virtue of being Irish based, AvaTrade inspires more confidence to the traders. Moreover, AvaTrade has more advantages because they allow CFD trading on cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin.

This is an added benefit for people who have heavily invested in crypto’s because most other brokers do not have such allowance.


According to the AvaTrade customer review, the broker allows other trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and its generic AvaOptions which makes Over-the-counter (OTC) trading possible. The AvaTrade broker review commends the broker for fast processing of withdrawal requests without hidden fees.


More about AvaTrade


AvaTrade review was established as AvaFX twelve years ago in 2006 by Negev Nosatzki and Emanuel Kronitz. It is headquartered at Dublin, Ireland and has branches in Chile, South Africa, Italy, China, Australia, Spain, Nigeria, Mongolia, and France.


The broker deals with CFD (contract for difference) and is an expert in foreign investment and trading online. Among its financial services include trading in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, forex, and CFDs. The broker as of March 2018 reported having more than two hundred thousand traders register accounts with them.

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