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Alfonso de Angoitia: From Law To Media, The Executive Vice President Of Grupo Televisa

Alfonso de Angoitia: From Law To Media, The Executive Vice President Of Grupo Televisa

     Alfonso de Angoitia is the current Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa, which is one of the largest television and media companies in Mexico. Alfonso de Angoitia has been a vital part of the growth and development that the company has been seeing recently. He is incredibly business minded and knows exactly how to run a business of this scale. Using his extensive amount of experience, he has been able to take Grupo Televisa to new heights as their leader.

Alfonso de Angoitia started working for the company in 1997. When he first joined the company, he took over as their chief financial officer. Before coming to work for Grupo Televisa, he was a lawyer, who worked as a corporate attorney to big business in the United States. He was based in the city of New York and worked there for an extended period. He even had his law firm, which he founded in partnership with numerous other attorneys who were just as experienced as him. This is where he gets his business experience, and where he learned the tricks of the trade into running a successful company. While he was working at his firm, he got Grupo Televisa as one of his clients. At the time, he worked to give them legal advice and worked closely alongside the CEO and other members of the board. He grew close to the company and eventually decided to leave his firm and join Grupo Televisa as their Chief Financial Officer. Thereon, he worked his way up to becoming the Executive Vice President of the company.

Using his experience of the markets in the United States, he has helped the company expand to reach their audiences there. The United States has a huge Spanish speaking audience, who are always on the lookout for shows in their language, which is why he saw it fit to help the company expand there.

The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is Changing Immigrant Lives

The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is Changing Immigrant Lives

A recent study shows that migrant workers, women and immigrants are always in need of with matters concerning human and civil rights. In the United States, these individuals live in fear because powerful people might harm them in the society.

These groups of people are easily forced into challenging situations where they never help themselves. The Larkin and Lacey Fund is, however, working hard to give these people a new meaning in life. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin understand what these vulnerable people go through in their lives, and that is why they are determined to help them.

How is the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Funded?

The initial funding of the powerful organization was received from a settlement that came from a lawsuit filed by the two journalists. The three million dollars was given to Jim and Michael sued Sheriff Arpaio because he false fully arrested them. At the end of the case, the gentlemen were given a large amount of money as compensation.

Instead of using the money for their personal gains, the two journalists decided to form powerful nonprofit-making institutions that would help similar organizations to make a change in the society.

What are the goals of the nonprofit making organization?

The Larkin and Lacey fund has several goals. First of all, it focuses on helping the individuals who are vulnerable in the society. The fund also wants to assist for the persons who do not have the power and resources to fight for themselves.

Under the leadership of Michael and Jim, the fund provides people with money to get legal representation. According to them, this is the perfect way to secure freedom for the people who cannot access justice. The nonprofit making organization is also a platform to raise money so that other individuals in the society can get justice.


Jim and Michael have been in the journalism industry for a while, and they use their professionals to report on any abuses that is made to politicians in the country. The duo is also working hard to come up with content to ensure that everyone in the society understands how it feels like to be denied justice in the modern times.

The two professionals use their own story to motivate people in the society to fight for their justice. Michael and Jim believe that everyone has the freedom of expression.

Changing the migration culture

There are millions of people who go to the United States in search of employment opportunities. In most cases, these group doesn’t have adequate help, and they end up frustrated and misused by those in power.

These people work in the agriculture industry. Without the right support, the immigrants are abused, and this means that they need advocacy.

The Frontera Fund is doing a lot to ensure that these people settle and get the life they have been dreaming about. The fund identifies these people in the society, gives then the resources and job they need so that they can live like any other citizen in the United States.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Role in Treating Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Role in Treating Sleep Apnea

Avi Weisfogel is a man with a big heart. He does not only think about himself, but finds a way to help other people who might require his help. This is the reason why he has spent a lot of resources in terms of money and time to find a cure for sleep apnea, eventually establishing Dental Sleep Masters program. According to the qualified doctor, approximately 90 percent of the people who suffer from the condition are never treated. This is why the condition requires a lot of awareness and help from experienced practitioners.

Dr. Weisfogel has created a team of professionals with their main aim being to establish the role of secondary and primary care physicians in finding a solution. He has established many labs that are geared towards this cause. Dr. Weisfogel believes that there is a role that dentists can play in finding a cure for this illness, especially with the breakthrough that has been realized in the past few years. The future is even brighter with the emergence of new devices. It has been shown that patients do not respond to the traditional mechanical ways that are used to treat the condition. There is a new device known as the THN Sleep Therapy that is being used to treat the condition. The device was developed by an American company known as ImThera Medical. To make things even better, the device has received a positive review from the Food and Drug Administration meaning that it can be used to treat the condition.

At the same time, Dr. Weisfogel says that there are emerging treatment methods that are friendlier and smaller in size. The machines are also quiet and don’t require people to wear ugly and uncomfortable masks. Dr. Weisfogel has been treating the condition since the year 1999 when he established his first practice in New Jersey, known as Old Bridge Dental Care. Dr. Weisfogel holds a degree in psychology and biology from the prestigious Rutgers University. At the same time, Dr. Weisfogel holds a DDS from the famous New York University College of Dentistry.

George Soros: Capitalism and Open Society

George Soros: Capitalism and Open Society

George Soros is a progressive icon for his support of liberal causes.

Formative Influences:

Soros, who is estimated to be worth about $25.2 billion, was born August 12, 1930, in Hungary. He immigrated to England in 1947 and was a 1952 graduate of the London School of Economics. In 1956, he went to New York and started working on Wall Street. Within a few decades, he had established his own hedge fund and made a fortune.

Part of Soros’ life-long work in fighting for freedom and an open society can be attributed to his experiences living under Nazism and then communism. He was also powerfully influenced by Karl Popper’s Open Society and Its Enemies (1945).

Soros’ philanthropic work advances ways in which open societies can be strengthened. He began the Open Society Foundations in 1984. The Foundations “work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” It supports numerous causes around the world, ranging from education to fighting xenophobia. Read more about George’s life story at

Soros and US Politics

George Soros has been a key funder of Democratic candidates and causes. According to a Politico July 2016 article, Soros had donated millions of dollars to aid the chances of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, “and other Democratic candidates and causes.” Not only was Soros’ support useful in dollar terms, but it was also felt that his giving could catalyze giving by other rich activists.

Ultimately, Hillary Clinton did not prevail in the 2016 Presidential election. Trump and his populist agenda emerged triumphant.

A Surprising Critique of Capitalism

There might be no more surprising critic of capitalism than George Soros, given his background. But an article he wrote in February 1997 issue of the Atlantic seems prescient, given the rise of Trump, Putin, Brexit and Macron. In the article, entitled “The Capitalist Threat,” Soros traces not only the influence of Karl Popper’s work on his own philanthropic activity but also the real-life conditions that influence open societies.

Soros sees the “excessive individualism” of modern-day capitalism as the more powerful threat to today’s open societies. He delves into the three ways “laissez-faire” market ideas can threaten the open society.

The first of these is the worship of market values and the denigration of other kinds of values and any kind of regulation. Second, this leads to a situation of “social Darwinism,” that extends the evolutionary theory into the realm of society. Third, transposing these ideas into the international affairs arena, states pursuing their own self-interest can create conditions internally that lead to the erosion of open societies. Visit his profile on Twitter.

Hutchinson and His Company – WildArk

Hutchinson and His Company – WildArk

Mark Hutchinson founded WildArk, which is a business dedicated to saving the wild and all of the animals that need it to survive. His early childhood was rich with experiences of the wild. He grew up in, Australia, where he was lucky enough to ride horses, fly-fish, round up sheep, and even crawl into wombat holes. His adventurous nature led him to drive the length of Africa when he was just 19 years old. Then, at the age of 22 he developed a successful adventure company, by the name of UNTAMED. The name was changed to Avana and it was turned into a training and ecotourism business that he would later sell, only to eventually fail. In 2015 Hutch decided to quit the corporate world and return to what he loved, places that were wild. He wanted to inspire people to connect with nature and help preserve the ecosystems that have become so fragile. Learn more:


Hutchinson believes people have lost their connection to the wild, but that it is still there to be rediscovered and enjoyed. He believes it could be as simple as planting a tree, bird watching, or being in the ocean that can inspire people to be outdoors more often. WildArks mission is to buy land and allow it to become wild again through rehabilitation. They would also like to provide a wildlife corridor with National Parks. Conservation of the oceans and land across the globe is their over-all concern. In 2016 Hutch earned his Master’s Degree in Conservation, and he hopes he can use it to help him communicate within the world of conservationism. In order to stay connected to nature while raising twin girls, Hutch surfs and swims in the ocean. His girls enjoy adventures in the bush of Sydney, Australia, where they can identify bird calls and observe the wild places. Learn more:


Utilizing Securus Technologies to Combat Gang Violence

Utilizing Securus Technologies to Combat Gang Violence

During my three years as an officer in a dangerous prison, I have seen the violence escalate in direct proportion to the amount of gang members behind bars. Part of the reason for the escalation in violence has to do with these gangs going after rival gang members for doing things they perceive as disrespectful. If one gang is in the weight room and a rival gang member walks in to grab a piece of equipment, it could erupt into a full-blown gang war.


Part of my job as a corrections officer in the jail is keeping the peace by making sure gangs are separated in jail and that we are informed about all the little nuances that makes these gangs tick. Even when we think we now everything, it helps to get a little help from inside sources. That brings us to Securus Technologies, the company that installed the inmate call monitoring system inside this jail we use to pay closer attention to what the inmates are saying to others on the phone.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company with 1,000 employs, systems in 2,000 jails, and all employees including the CEO work towards an objective of making this world safe. The LBS software is the key to the success we have with this tool, allowing us to isolate conversations on the phones based on specific works.


Now if a gang member is on the phone trying to talk about an order to a street-level gang member, we can listen in. When a top-ranking gang member orders a hit or asks for drugs to be brought to the visitor center, we can take the appropriate action. If we hear anything about contraband on the phones, my team of officers is able to jump to action to make us safer.


Sawyer Howitt: A Young Man Full Of Ambition & Drive

Sawyer Howitt: A Young Man Full Of Ambition & Drive

Sawyer Howitt is currently a project manager with the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group is based out of Portland Oregon. Howitt is a senior who is focusing his ambitions within the area of finance and business.

At a very young age Sawyer Howitt had an amazing ability to understand the financial as well as the operational aspects of an organization. In addition, Howitt quickly realized that you must have a direct connection as well as relationship with the consumer in order to be successful. Identifying and meeting the needs of each and every client is what business is all about.

Sawyer Howitt has assumed a number of responsibilities since he started working for the Meriwether Group. Howitt has attended important company meetings and events simply observing client customer interaction. Howitt has also taken care of in house scheduling issues between executives and business clients. Howitt feels he is learning the business by handling different tasks within his organization. Howitt has an excellent attitude he feels “no job is too small or to large”. Howitt is happy to do anything that will help him along with his career ambitions.

Sawyer Howitt has extensive customer service experience as well as experience as a Business Analyst. His previous experience has served him quite well at the Meriwether Group.

Howitt interacts with some well known entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Actually, the Meriwether Group is geared toward supporting entrepreneurs by providing expertise services such as brand building, manufacturing as well as expansion.

Responsibilities & Challenges: all part of the job:

Meriwether Group works with a number of technology companies within the Silicon Valley area. Sawyer Howitt knows the challenges that can arise when working closely with hi tech companies.

Howitt provides innovation within the world of sophisticated technology. In addition, Howitt develops Excel spreadsheets and creates effective business presentations which executives use during important business meetings and seminars.

Sawyer Howitt is fortunate to have already accomplished so much at such a young and tender age. Howitt is a young man full of ambition as well as drive. Sawyer Howitt certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Howitt is appreciative about his accomplishments and success. He hopes to give back and help others in the future.

Learn more about Sawyer Howitt:

Jim Tananbaum; the mastermind behind healthcare investments

Jim Tananbaum; the mastermind behind healthcare investments

Contemporary medicine is founded on independent measurement but following psychological wellbeing has been restricted to particular information in a medical surrounding. The Principal to Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagum, thinks that to improve the outcome for individuals with the mental disorder, one might require objective measures for other prolonged diseases. The technology at Mindstrong provides an incessant, unbiased measures of performance and understanding at a resolution level. There is now a platform where the scrolling and typing on a digital phone can be used to determine the brain functioning of the patient. Jim Tananbaum, who is the Principal of Foresite Capital, said in the release that the team of Mindstrong Health enlightens ways in which medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health orders.

The aim of Mindstrong is to provide patients with the incessant numerical biomarkers of attitude and cognition which is inclusive of speed care, memory, and executive purpose. The smartphones are the best shot in finding a solution to the mental disorders using this special technology. Jim states that by combining various technologies and leadership from Paul, Rick, and Tom, there is a chance that the outcomes will get a stage that updates and greatly improves the method of care providence. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is the initiator and Principal of Foresite Capital. Besides Foresite Capital, he is a co-founder of Prospect Venture Partner and Theravance. Mr. Tananbaum has an MBA, an MD from Harvard Business School, and Harvard Medical School respectively. He also has a B.S in electrical engineering from Yale University. His 25 years’ experience has seen him through very many investments that have strategically placed him in the top 100 Forbes list investors. He is a man focused on strategic, operational and financial opportunities to assist in franchising healthcare enterprises. Foresite Capital seeks to provide capital to upcoming healthcare frontrunners who have disruptive produces and services across most healthcare segments. Foresite is currently based in San Francisco and offices in New York. He is also a co-partner at GelTex Pharmaceuticals a drug manufacturing company that brought two drugs to the market earning them almost $1.6 billion.

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Rick Smith’s Securus Makes Prison Better for All

Rick Smith’s Securus Makes Prison Better for All

Rick Smith has been working for Securus since 2008. In the time that he has worked for the company, he has been able to do more for the company than the last CEO was able to do. This made things better for the company, for the prisons that use the company and for the administrators of all of the prisons. The way that the prison system is set up makes it easy for Rick Smith to make all of the changes that they need to the technology portion of the prison and to the other areas that people need help with. Thanks to everything that Rick Smith has done, the prison industry has improved and people have gotten better at what they are doing. The changes that Rick Smith has brought to the industry have made things easier for people who are running the prisons and who play a huge part in the prison industry.

When Rick Smith first started with Securus, he had already worked in a prison company for about 10 years. The Eschelon Telecom Company was a successful prison industry company that he played a huge role in. Similar to what he has now done for Securus, Rick Smith was able to improve all of the different aspects of that company and help it grow to new levels that would make things better for all of the people who were a part of it. He also made things easier for people to understand with the company and with the options that prisons had to use with that company. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Prior to this, Rick Smith worked in the engineering world. This was something that he had studied and something that he thought he would be a part of for a long time. While he was working in the engineering field, he learned about the prison industries and decided that was something he would be able to do to make things better in his career. It was a great way for Rick Smith Securus to change his career and to make things easier for people to try new things with his career. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick Smith studied engineering throughout college. He knew that this would be a good field and something that was profitable but it was something that he quickly tired of. He returned to school after getting his first master’s degree and decided to get an MBA. He graduated from the University of Rochester and was able to begin working in the business world. After getting his MBA, he was able to begin working as the CEO of different places and making a difference in each of the companies that he worked with from the first one to the current Securus.

Pheonix Allies for Community Health Offers A Solution

Pheonix Allies for Community Health Offers A Solution

The immigrant rights movement that has been taking place for the last decade has given birth to many organizations that support one aspect of immigrants rights. PACH, or Pheonix Allies for Community Health is one such organization.

The group came about because of the collaboration of medics who were working at 1070 protests. They understood the needs the immigrant community, and saw the hardships that undocumented workers were facing when it came to getting care.

Health care is tied intricately with economics. The quality of care that a person receives is directly related to their economic status, and on the flip side the care that a person receives can change their economic status but putting them into poverty if the receive high cost care on a continual basis.

People make choices about their treatment plans with money as the deciding factor. Undocumented immigrants without health insurance face significant bills each time they visit the doctors office — and that is before the added price of medication! Medical bills can actually throw a family into poverty and effect every aspect of lifestyle. The medics who founded PACH found this situation unfair and unhealthy, and wanted to do something to change it. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

This gave birth to the Phoenix Allies for Community Health, and has resulted in affordable care for many people who struggled with unsupportable bills beforehand. PACH is dedicated to improving health in of immigrants. Arizona is the second highest point of entry for immigrants in the US, right after Texas. Because of this, many immigrants settle in Arizona and face the hardships that ensue.

The civil rights workers who advocate for the health, safety, and well being of all humans equally face a challenge when it comes to policies and laws related to illegal immigrants. The policies are slowly changing and immigrants have some resources available to help them while the politics in the situation still violate human rights.

It can take a long time to change public policy, but in the meanwhile immigrants are suffering. Groups like PAHC try to change that, through grass-roots efforts.

PAHC is one example of a Phoenix organization aimed at bettering the community. Pheonix native Jim Larkin has partnered with Mike Lacey to provide funding to PAHC as well as many organizations in the Arizona area that support civil rights and protest against infringements to justice.

Mike and Jim have backgrounds in journalism and newspapers, and launched the Phoenix New Times in the early ’70s in order to report on events that they found had been covered with a bias. The two were arrested in 2007 and were put into jail because of a report that they had issued in their paper.

However, the arrest was a clear violation of their rights, and they were released within 24 hours. After this they fought in court and won a $3.7 million dollar settlement which they poured into their fund: The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund is dedicated to issues of civil rights, justice, and migrant laws.

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