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U.S. Money Reserve advises customers on how to survive a recession

U.S. Money Reserve advises customers on how to survive a recession

Almost every financial expert agrees with the statement from the U.S. Money Reserve saying that there is a financial crunch on the horizon. Like the one that happened in 2008, the looking one is likely to affect many sectors, and people are expected to lose their assets.

Currently, the economy is doing fine, and the markets are growing much to the delight of most Americans. However, the experts say that it is the same thing that preceded the previous recessions. For instance, in the 1990s, there was an economic boom that lasted for 120 months; but it did not stop the occurrence of a turmoil.

Consumers should be more involved

One of the things that the U.S. Money Reserve believes could save the country from the effects of the crisis is a proactive approach from consumers. If they can take the frontline in coming up with solutions, they will not suffer too much brunt.

The company says that as usual, the government will not acknowledge that there is a turmoil until after about six months. During this time, there I likely to be a lot of confusion, and this is where the consumers need to come in. If they have the right network to access information and advocate for various solutions, they will avert the trouble. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

Put your money in trusted schemes

Since almost every expert agrees that the turmoil is on the horizon, the best way for consumers is to start preparing for it. According to the U.S. Money Reserve, one of the best ways of doing this is by putting your money where safety s guaranteed. It is good to understand that when the downturn finally occurs, most items will lose their value.

For instance, a house will, and therefore, if you have invested in it, it means that you will incur loses. However, if you invest in schemes that do not depreciate even when there is a financial crisis, you will have nothing to worry about because your money will be safe.

For almost two decades, the U.S. Money Reserve has emerged as the leading company when it comes to dealings in gold and precious metals. Initially, they were mandated to supply government gold. However, they grew fast to become the preferred supplier of all leading parties. Today, they are on a mission to educate their customers about the importance of investing in gold, especially when they know that it’s market value does not drop.

With the team of professionals at U.S. Money Reserve, one thing you bet is that clients are on safe hands. There is a team of highly qualified professionals who are ready to serve the clients and even provide credible analysis of the economic situation in the world.

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Gulf Coast Western Improving the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western Improving the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western is taking the lead in the Oil and Gas industry by bringing together the resources, talent, and experience of oil and gas industry. Run by Matthew Fleeger whose resume has the founding of multiple successful companies, Gulf Coast Westerns’ focus is “exploring, developing, and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves that are primarily located in the Gulf Coast region”. Let’s look at what Matthew’s vision is helping the company achieve.

The acquisition process is not to just buy up any land or well in the region and get to pumping, but to do research on the geological and geophysical properties of the area first. This enables Gulf Coast Western to make the best possible decisions for their company and its shareholders. By doing the research, Gulf Coast Western partners with the right companies to build trust and continue and improve business.

Gulf Coast Westerns’ footprint is growing in southwestern Louisiana through their goals and process’, and partnerships. One partnership is with Gulf Coast Exploration. This partnership has gained Gulf Coast Western assets, along with property and access rights to hundreds of square miles land. Now that they have acquired the land they will explore and develop. To explore that have gotten access to 3D seismic data analysis of the land that enables them to make the smartest decisions on wells to maximize gains. After the data is reviewed they will develop the wells in the best possible locations through the data gained in their exploration phase. Once the development is done then operations can expand and improved based on the research of the area.

Gulf Coast Westerns’ goals and principles on ethics have enabled them to build strong partnerships, like the one with Gulf Coast Explorations. Through partnering, they plan to continue joint ventures and move to other regions of the country.

US Money Reserve Warns of Possible Recession

US Money Reserve Warns of Possible Recession

With the United States economy expanding for a 100th consecutive month, many experts have predicted that a recession is likely to occur. While this might be surprising to many people, there are indicators that the economic cycle is due to a change in the near future. According to US Money Reserve, the U.S. economy will likely begin to decline within the next year.

While a recession in the near future may be unsettling, they are not always bad. Whenever recession occurs naturally, it helps complete a normal economic cycle. In a typical recession, labor becomes scarce and wages go up. As a result, companies stop hiring new employees. The Federal Reserve then raises the interest rates in most cases. A combination of these two events slows down the economy.

Whenever there is an economic slowdown, business profits go in decline. Due to this factor, a number of Wall Street banks try to implement policies that delay recessions for as long as they possibly could.

During a recession, incumbent politicians will usually have their political fortunes changed due to voters being unhappy about rising unemployment and lower wages. Since recessions can impact the government, many government officials attempt to use policies to delay recessions too.

US Money Reserve has recently stated that a manufactured delay in recessions can have negative effects on the economy. One of the ways in which a delayed recession can be hurtful to the economy is the development of bubbles.

This is a situation where certain assets become overvalued. In most cases, the bigger the bubble, the more devastating a recession can be. It is a good idea to compare other economic booms in the past to get a better idea of how a new recession can affect the economy.Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

According to economic experts and US Money Reserve, there have been only two periods where economic growth was as high or higher than it is now. The most notable economic boom was in the 1990’s when there was steady growth for 120 months in a row.


There are a couple of factors that will significantly impact the next recession. These include the mounting debt among consumers and political partisanship.

The debt levels of consumers and lending practices are comparable to what they were prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Unlike 2008, the political leadership has gotten very divided and will likely be reluctant to resolve economic problems in a timely manner if a recession occurs.

As a result of these two factors, it will be important for individuals to invest in assets that typically perform well during economic downturns. One of the best things to invest in during an economic downturn is gold. This will help many people maintain their wealth and get through a recession without too much hardship.

US Money Reserve is the leading distributor of precious metals. The company sells a variety of assets such as coins, bars and bullion. Consumers are able to purchase these assets in either gold, silver or platinum.

Along with providing precious metals to consumers, US Reserve offers educational materials and support to help individuals take advantage of precious metals investing. The company was founded in Texas back in the year 2001 and has become the most reputable retailer of gold assets.

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Know The Best Time To Send A Press Release For Maximum Results

Know The Best Time To Send A Press Release For Maximum Results

One of the most often asked inquiries from Public Relations experts is when is the most effective time to send a press release. Of course, you don’t want to lose your hard work if you’re sending your tale at the wrong time.

There is a timeline to follow due to the fact that you are pitching your story to reporters that have target dates and also timetables to follow. Sending your release at the right time indicates you might obtain the most favorable solution to your Public Relations goal.

When is the best time?

Not on Monday.

As high as feasible, don’t pitch to journalists on the busiest day of the week. Mondays are always chaotic as their tables are packed with things they require to do and submit.


Throughout Mondays, their inbox is complete with e-mails from the previous week, so it means there’s more competition to defeat. This provides you much fewer chances to cut. Don’t take the danger if there’s less possibility that your e-mail will be noticed.

What is the most productive day?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and also Thursdays are the very best days to send out a release, according to scientists. One team suggested that the right day to send out a launch is on Tuesday as well as Thursday just because Monday, as well as Friday, are the busiest days of the week.

Usually, reporters just returned to function, so their table, as well as their inbox, is full on Monday. There’s a fat chance that they will certainly focus on all the pitches sent out to them.

On Friday, they are extra potentially anxious to complete their job and also get home. Going to the heap of e-mails is impossible to do given that they are busied with other things. Moreover, scientists recommended that it is best to send out pitches in the mornings as there are high possibilities that they will read.

Some resources revealed that there is no specific day or time for sending a release. It varies with the requirements of the reporters and publications. The business should abide by journalism lead times in defeating the due dates for the book. They likewise take into account when journalism release requires to be published.


The most productive day for submitting releases is on Thursdays, according to a new study done by a team of researchers at Prowly. The findings exposed that Thursdays have an open e-mail price of 22 percent, while Fridays have the most affordable email free rate of 15 percent.

The study additionally found that the right time to send an email is during the early hours of the early mornings. The very best timings to send out are between 10:00 a.m. and also 2:00 p.m. when the open email rate is 45 percent. Nevertheless, business and even Public Relations specialists need to take care in sending releases after the lunch break as the email free price declines to 15 percent.


A 2015 research study done by Ragan, a Communication and also Public Relations firm, which entailed 100,000 news release revealed that one of the most popular days to send a release gets on Tuesdays. Wednesdays are the 2nd most preferred day for submitting your story. It additionally showed that the most effective time is at 9 a.m. as well as 8 p.m. Eastern time.

Other Tips in sending out a press release:

You ought to consider the time area of your area and your recipient. You can automate the emails to send the statement at the right time.

Stay clear of sending your pitches later in the day when journalists have much less time to hang out opening their emails. They more concentrated on finishing their work in the mid-day, so you have much fewer chances if you do it throughout those times.

Although it is essential to consider the typical days and timings when sending your news release, it is always much better to ship your launch than not at all. Nowadays, a growing number of journalists are working home-based, so it implies they have access to their emails also on the weekends.


Article Title: Vijay Eswaran: Founder of QI Group

Article Title: Vijay Eswaran: Founder of QI Group

Article Text:

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman, author, and the co-founder of QI Group. Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1960. His mother was a teacher, and his father was the founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization. Eswaran spent his youth in Malaysia, before traveling abroad.

Eswaran moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a higher education, and in 1984 he graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics. The next year, he acquired a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The year after that, Eswaran went to the United States of America, where he earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from Southern Illinois University.

In 1998, Eswaran returned to Asia and co-founded QNet, which would later become QI Group. QI Group, which started as an MLM, or multi-level marketing company, has grown to include businesses such as travel, telecommunications, wellness, media, and investments. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, QI Group also has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as a presence in almost 30 other countries. QI Group has expanded to nearly all of Asia.

In 2017, Eswaran joined with Green Venture Capital to develop QI City. This project, slated to be finished in 2020, will include commercial and residential structures, as well as a teaching hospital and other medical services.

QI Group has sponsored a variety of sports endeavors, including partnerships with the Asian Football Confederation, Virgin Racing, and the Manchester City football club. QI Group also sponsored QNet Open, a women’s tennis tournament.

Besides being a prolific businessman, Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished author. He has published five books, including In the Sphere of Silence and Two Minutes from the Abyss. Vijay is married to Umayal Eswaran, who works as a chairperson for the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

End Of Article

The Famous Comic Actress On Isn’t It Romantic Movie Rebel Wilson

The Famous Comic Actress On Isn’t It Romantic Movie Rebel Wilson

The movie “isn’t it romantic” is one recent movie featuring a famous actress Rebel Wilson from Australia. The movie act is a comic one and do follows a lady who after being hit on head wakes up later on and find herself in a romantic world.

The movie was of recent released at united states by Warner Bros and yet to be released by Netflix. Rebel Wilson is the protagonist in the scene and do act as Natalie, an Australian architect who flew and resides in New York. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Her surroundings involves a love triangle having Blake and Josh as her client and best friend respectively though both do have love interest for Natalie. The romantic comedy movie features an architect lady who believed that what she had encountered and seen in lovecome, was all imagination and not true at all but this came to reality after being mugged on head while trying to flee and where she falls unconscious and on waking up discovers about her real existence in “PG-13 Universe” and tries all possibilities to escape and fall in love and thus will bring her into reality.

Focusing on Rebel Wilson, she is an Australian actress, producer and also a writer. Her career towards media began in 2003 after graduating from Australian Theater for Young People. She enrolled herself in several comedy movies back in Australia before later on moving to New York, United States basing on her winning an international scholarship.

She continued sharpening her skills in New York and enrolled in The Second City and got featured in Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her tenure in comic industry made her public with her movie “The Westie Monologues” wherein she wrote it, produced and starred in. Her musical stage is all amazing and thus has made her recognizable widely. She has continued with her love and spirit as a producer and writer and has written and produced several other movies including “Bogan Pride”.

Rebel has been the center and epitome of comedy movies aired in Australia at large as well as in United States. Her stage brightness has generated a lot in her virtue and has been featured in so many several comedy movies.

Her recent movie “Isn’t it Romantic ” is one loved movie with thousands of viewers yet it was recently released. Her vital role here is so crucial in understanding how rom-com isn’t genuine and true at love point and majorly made for teenagers to see and understand what love is.

Natalie decides in moving with Blake who is her client will result in unrealistic love story since she seem to fall in love due to him being a billionaire thus referring as falling into a ditch with cupcakes and roses.

Rebel is a mentor and advisor to all who wishes to join her in the industry since her sequence steps is what many aims at. Her accomplishment in media industry is a wide, long list and do not only focus on her career but has extended her hand in community services too.

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How Heather Parry Built A Career At The Intersection Of Music And Film

How Heather Parry Built A Career At The Intersection Of Music And Film

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions. Her company was founded in 2016. Prior to joining Live Nation Productions, she has been an executive at MTV Films for many years and was also a leader at Happy Madison.

The first film she produced at this company was “Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids”. Since this film released in 2016, Heather Parry has been hard at work evolving her company and the movies they produce. She says that her inspirations include, “Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways” and “Straight Outta Compton”.

Her company was deeply involved in producing “A Star is Born” featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. This became one of the biggest hits of 2018. Heather Parry says that she already knew Bradley Cooper and when she heard he was slated to direct this movie she wanted to get involved. She called his agent and said that they had a lot of assets to lend to the movie including concert tours, venues, and festivals.

She had worked with Lady Gaga prior to “A Star is Born”. Heather Parry produced “Gaga: Five Foot Two” which is available on Netflix. She also produced “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” which detailed the story of Puff Daddy Boy Records. Other musicians she’d love to do documentaries on include the Beastie Boys, David Bowie, and Stevie Nicks.

She says that everybody who is a rock star has a great story behind them. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be in the position that they occupy. When she worked at MTV News, she would interview musicians and find out their stories. This included Madonna, Morello, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and Perry Farrell.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is working together with an eleven year old girl named Sadie Keller to host a toy drive. Sadie Keller is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of seven. This is a very aggressive form of cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow within the body. She went through many rounds of harsh chemotherapy to try to fight the cancer. She fought many dangerous infections, had to undergo blood transfusions, and saw many other effects but eventually came out on top and beat the disease.

Sadie has always been the type of child who wants to help others, so she made informational videos throughout her whole journey to help other kids going through the same thing or a similar thing that she was going through. Sadie had a drive to help other children, and thus the Sadie Keller Foundation was born.

When the Sadie Keller Foundation was started they did simple missions like fundraisers and collecting items for kids fighting cancer. Eventually the Sadie Keller Foundation teamed up with some really big names to go even farther. Sadie Keller got to work with Matthew Fleeger to host a toy drive around the holiday season. This gifts were handed out to children that would be receiving cancer treatments during the holidays.

Sadie Keller knows first hand the hard times that these kids are going through. She wants to work with people like Matthew Fleeger to help other kids like her. She wants to be able to bring light to their lives. Sadie wants them to know that even though they are going through tough times, it will get better. Matthew Fleeger and Sadie Keller are working together to change the world for these kids that are battling cancer. They want to provide hope.

PSI Pay: Making Personal Finance a More Convenient Experience

PSI Pay: Making Personal Finance a More Convenient Experience

An article from Daily Forex Report’s website mentions how digital wallets have become more and more popular thanks to innovative technology companies like PSI Pay. PSI Pay has had a huge increase in business volume and their business is only increasing.

The article discusses that these digital wallets make a more convenient place to store all credit and debit cards in one place. Digital wallets still hold the same purpose as a traditional leather one and can often be more secure.

In Europe, many people have converted to these digital wallets and linked their credit and debit cards to the wallets. EcoPayz is an example of a European digital wallet service that has become popular and is free to sign up. The article mentions that there are currently European consumers out there that now only rely on digital wallets to house their finances and replace their actual bank accounts. This is convenient if a person lives in a region where the majority of retailers accept mobile payments.

PSI Pay has seen huge growth since 2011 when British authorities gave the company permission to issue electronic funds. This new modern form of payment that PSI Pay offers has made big strides in the modern financial world.

Geeksnews also discusses the American style of a digital wallet. In the American digital wallet, consumers will enter all of their card details after signing up. When the consumer logs into this account they have created they can use it to pay merchants online rather than giving the merchants access to their actual card number. This new and modern way of making purchases can help keep card information more secure for consumers that purchase goods online.

A survey recently showed that Millennial’s are much more likely to have digital wallets than older adults in the United States. The secure features of a digital wallet have really been a big attraction for many young adults in America. Digital wallets have not become as popular in American retail stores though due to the fact that many don’t have contactless card readers. The article mentions that digital wallets are said to become more of a common form of payment by 2020.

PSI Pay experts have mentioned that this modern form of contactless payments will become more and more popular as the years go on. Financial reports show that only $1 in every $2,750 worth of these contactless payments experience fraud. This high level of financial security is a huge draw for many people and PSI Pay revenue numbers only show the increasing popularity of this newer form of payment.

The article discusses that there have been wearable payment devices developed by companies in the U.K. The company Kerv teamed up with PSI Pay and sells wearable ceramic rings that can be used to make payments. It is reported that one in four Europeans use the wearable device as a form of payment.

PSI Pay is determined to keep trying to make personal finance a more convenient process for everyone involved.


 Boraie Development Partnership with Shaquille O’Neal

 Boraie Development Partnership with Shaquille O’Neal

There are a lot of factors that you need to check on while looking for a good residential place. Depending on the size of your family, you should go for a place that is close to social facilities. But finding such places can be such a struggle for anyone who wants to move out to a new neighborhood.

The Aspire luxury apartments form the best place where anyone can move in to in New Jersey. The apartments are strategically placed close to many social facilities that may be important to tenants. Just a few steps away from the apartments are the New Brunswick Train Station where you can jump into the next train and work to work or school. The Aspire apartments have 238 residential units with 24/7 doorman lobby. Additionally, the apartments have an indoor club for the residents to have fun. Residents can also work out in the nearby gym and yoga facilities.

Shaquille O’Neal entered into a partnership deal with Boraie Development to build a complete residential facility in his home town, New Jersey. This acted as part of O’Neal’s initiative to give back to his community. His deeds have been praised, and most basketball players are currently trying to emulate his move and make giving back to their respective communities.

The Aspire luxury apartments give out the real impression of how a residential area ought to be like. Its proximity to important social amenity facilities gives it a high rating. The tenants can get almost everything that they might need in one setup. Their rooms are very spacious and have a large outdoor BBQ space that can be converted into a store or studio. For those who move into New Jersey, this is an economical deal that will see you save more yet get good services.