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Wen By Chaz: Changing Traditional Hair Care

Wen By Chaz: Changing Traditional Hair Care

Chaz Dean is the founder of Wen By Chaz. He originally started the business in Hollywood where he treated his clients like he would want to be treated himself. His hair salon became known for its ultra-peaceful environment where people could feel safe and tucked away from the glaring eyes of the public and limelight.

Dean’s philosophy on treating hair was just as gentle as the way he handled his clients. He believed hair care should be performed naturally, not harshly. The modern-day cleaning products strip the locks of their natural buoyancy and beauty. Chemicals damage the hair and leave it brittle and easy to break. Chaz has seen the lasting effects of modern shampooing. Because of this, he set out to create something that cleansed and invigorated the hair instead of destroying it.

His visions came true, and he created a cleansing conditioner. The product uniquely works by using natural ingredients to carry grime away from the hair gently. He has successfully used his Wen Hair Care cleansing products since the late 90s.

WEN By Chaz has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. The cleanser comes in a variety of fragrances from fig to cucumber. The lineup has grown to include styling products and hair treatments, such as hair masks.

Previously Mr. Dean with schooled in cosmetology. Now he uses his talents to master and manage all types of hair patterns and conditions. The products can be found across the internet on Instagram for example and on many other venues.

Glenn Schlossberg lead Jump Design Group to New Heights

Glenn Schlossberg lead Jump Design Group to New Heights

The Company Jump Design Group has been impacting the fashion world for more than three decades. Recently this company made headlines when they announced they would be taking over the sportswear label Cathy Daniels. Cathy Daniels President will guide the company into the transfer. The move appears to set Jump Design Group up for continued success and expansion in the fashion world.


Jump Design Group CEO is excited about the change that is taking place within the company. Despite what many experts may think, this is not the typical situation where a successful company takes over a struggling company and tries to turn them around. Jump Design seeks out companies that have sound portfolios and actually complement their current business model. Cathy Daniels has more than forty years of success in the business world. The company has become a leader in the moderate sportswear area. Cathy Daniels is also pleased with this move. Company leaders Steve and Daniel Chestler were quoted as saying “We are extremely proud of the fact that our team will have an opportunity to continue to run the business under new leadership,” Check out


Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and Principal of Jump Design Group. Glenn started this company in 1990 and has been bring innovation to the fashion world ever since. Schlossberg has a belief that every person and job in his organization is important. He believes in collaboration to produce and deliver great products.


Schlossberg was part of a family that was invested in the fashion industry. He worked for his father who was a dress maker as a child. After that Glenn Schlossberg went to New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. It was during this time Glenn launched Jump Design Group. The company has grown and had huge success. Jump Design’s brands and designs can be found in major stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, and Zappos.




Michel Terpins Tries New Moves in Racing

Michel Terpins Tries New Moves in Racing

There are many things that might make it easier for Michel Terpins to drive when he’s working as a rally car driver in Brazil. He always comes up with new ideas to make driving easier and does a lot of work to promote a positive experience in the rally car industry. In addition to always doing what he can to help people understand the positive experiences, he can do more to make the industry better. All the things he does with rally car driving also make him want to show people they can be just as successful. Even though many people in his family drive rally cars, he doesn’t believe that gave him an advantage over other people. In fact, he knows it might be able to help him see what others can do to create a positive experience.

There are things that might make Michel Terpins better able to drive while also coming up with new options for his career. He tries giving people these experiences and showing them they can do things better. There are many different ways driving can make a difference and working as a rally car driver gives him the abilities to create a better learning environment for all the people who need it. As long as he knows how to help and he can do things different from other drivers, Michel Terpins believes he will have a chance to continue helping people understand they have help when they need it.

After Michel Terpins felt he was overshadowed by his brother, who is also a rally car driver, he began working even harder to win. He wanted people to understand he could try different things and get more opportunities from everything he did. He had a lot of goals for helping people in the future, but he had to make sure he was the best. Doing all of this made him want to bring improvements to the industry while he also focused his own options on himself. It was his goal to keep showing people what they could do if they became a rally car driver like him.


Malcolm Casselle: Changes in Digital Asset Exchange

Malcolm Casselle: Changes in Digital Asset Exchange

One of the world’s leading blockchain technology experts Malcolm Casselle has recently published an article about how his new corporation worldwide asset exchange will help to revolutionize the industry of virtual asset exchange. Prior to his role as the president of the worldwide asset exchange, he was also one of the key members of OPSkins. OPSkins is the global leader of in-game virtual asset sales. Malcolm Casselle served as the organization’s chief investment officer. In addition to their role as the leader for in-game virtual asset sales OPSkins is also the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet.

While OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets Malcolm Casselle believes that there are limitations to any centralized technology. He believes that the next step for virtual assets would be to move to a decentralized marketplace. This is where Malcolm Casselle births the idea for his new corporation worldwide asset exchange. Worldwide asset exchange will serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace that will allow the exchange of virtual assets. The company is built upon a bedrock of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. Malcolm Casselle believes that this technology will help to eliminate two key issues that have plagued the virtual asset industry since it was originally developed.

Thanks to the use of blockchain and smart contract technology users will be able to conduct business between each other seamlessly and securely regardless of their geographical location. This will help to eliminate the issue of fragmentation which has caused users to need to utilize third-party companies in order to facilitate transactions up until now.

In addition to the elimination of the issue of fragmentation, the use of blockchain and smart contract technology will also help to eliminate fraud that has been prevalent on centralized marketplaces. Malcolm Casselle states that due to the very nature of blockchain technology the transactions that occur on the blockchain are immutable. This means that while anyone can view the transactions only the to members who are part of the transaction can actually alter the transaction which will make the transactions infinitely more secure than on a centralized exchange.