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Southridge Capital and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Southridge Capital and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that created the way for almost 1,000 more that came available thereafter. Cryptocurrencies allow users to make secure payments as well as store money with anonymity. Due to its mysterious nature it still remains an enigma to a lot of the world. Southridge Capital believes it is easy to understand and track. This diversified financial holding company specializes in investment and advisory services to middle and small market companies. Southridge has made over $1.7b direct investments into the growth of companies globally since its founding in 1996.

According to Newswire, this is where comes in. It is a website that was originally created to track Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It takes real-time transaction date from the two networks and makes them into simple visuals. This was helpful because humans are naturally visual learners. The experts at Southridge Capital rely on its ability to customize a financing plan and execute without fail. They believe will help bitcoin become more approachable and easier to understand.

Stephen M. Hicks is the Chief Executive officer of Southridge Capital and sets the direction for the group of companies. He is also responsible for business development and execution. Hicks has been active in the investment industry for 30 plus years and has an extremely diverse financial experience and background. He has spent time discussing the potential political impact of cryptocurrency across the nation and says it is, quote “amazing.” The current trend of this new currency really excites him. Hicks goal is to start a channel for cryptocurrency in the form of CNBC. Going on to say he would want an actual channel or a podcast. This industry is really explosive according to the Southridge CEO and with this idea there will likely be an endless supply of guest communicating about their ‘coin’ and everyone would be watching.


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Tony Petrello: A Successful Executive from the Oil and Petroleum Industry

Tony Petrello: A Successful Executive from the Oil and Petroleum Industry

Tony Petrello is the long-standing president, chairman, and CEO of the Nabors Industries, Ltd., previously known as the Anglo Energy Ltd. The company has been recognized as one of the largest drilling companies in the world today. The company is headquartered in the island of Bermuda, and they have been drilling geothermal energy and natural gas for years. The world’s largest drilling contractor has also been partnering with other exploration projects to extract valuable materials that can be sold at a high price. Nabors Industries, Ltd. has been operating in North America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East, and they managed to build their reputation in the industry thanks to the effort of Tony Petrello. Nabors Industries Ltd. experienced a lot of reforms under his leadership, and he transformed the company to become a competitive drilling firm that has been contracted by some of the largest names in the industry.

Many investors have been involved in buying and selling stocks from the Nabors Industries Ltd. Through the years, the number of investors climbed, and it resulted in more profits generated by the drilling firm. It has also resulted in new opportunities knocking on their doors, and because of their impressive performance out in the field, the leading oil and petroleum companies have been asking them for projects that would require drilling. They managed to create a buzz because of their impressive work. Tony Petrello is credited as the man behind the consistent success of the company because he established a network of partners who would be working with the Nabors Industries Ltd. He also inspired the employees of the company to do their best whenever they are out in the waters looking for the perfect place to drill.

Tony Petrello is a graduate of the Yale University and Harvard University. When he graduated, he decided to work initially for a law firm, but he transferred to the Nabors Industries in 1991 after an opportunity came. He was promoted as Tony Petrello the company’s CEO in 2011, and he managed to secure a lot of contracts for the Nabors Industries Ltd. creating more wealth for the business.

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The Fagali Experience

The Fagali Experience

The island of Fagali in the Samoan archipelago has an array of attractions for tourist of every age. The minute you step out of the Fagali airport, which was previously owned by Polynesian airlines you are immediately drawn into the islands beauty and charm.

Polynesian airlines reopened the Airport in 2009, and since then it has created a gateway for tourists from around the world. The Fagali airport created a way for the island to increase its revenues and improve the standard of living for the entire Samoan Archipelago.

Businesses of every kind have opened up near and around the Fagali airport including diving and snorkeling tours and the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The famous poet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote the famous novel “Treasure Island” lived his last days on the island and visitors can come to his home to see how he lived. His love for adventure and treasure adds to the mysterious nature of the island.

Visitors can buy native merchandise at the Old Apia market, which is just four kilometers away from the Airport. One of the most popular attractions is the Papapappatai falls, which is a waterfall that falls 500 feet into a giant volcanic crater. The native people of Fagali airport have great respect for nature in general so, any econ-tourist will be happy to see the recycling and eco-friendly initiatives taking place on the island.

It is the dedication of Polynesian airlines that enables tourists to visit such incredible sites. This is truly a unique island and a hidden gem in the realm of tourist destinations.

From the immaculate beaches to the generous and friendly hospitality of the natives, the island is truly amazing. I would recommend visiting the plantation house and the crystal clear waters of the Piula Cave pools. The water is refreshing and a relief from the humid climate. Everyone who visits this fascinating place will be instantly charmed and want to come back.

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