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Dr. Saad Saad as a pediatric surgeon in Riyadh

Dr. Saad Saad as a pediatric surgeon in Riyadh

In the 1980s, Dr. Saad Saad had the opportunity of working for the Saudi Royals. He was hired as a personal pediatric surgeon. He served at the King Faisal Specialists Hospital. This is a facility that mainly serves the rich in the Middle East. It is used mainly by the royal families in Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries. It, however, admits patients from poor backgrounds who are in dire need of medical attention. Dr. Saad worked here for close to five years before leaving to go back to the U.S where he was practicing in New Jersey. He is a board-certified pediatric surgeon  who is also fluent in Arabic and English. The two factors played a role in his appointment as a pediatric surgeon by the Saudi Royals. Such opportunities do not come easily; there must be something unique about you which will make the Royals to hire you. Dr. Saad was exceptional as he met all the qualities they were looking for in a doctor.


The opportunity to work in Riyadh offered Dr. Saad a number of benefits. First of all, he was working for the royal families. He had an opportunity to earn their trust which was a great benefit to his reputation as a doctor. Not many people can get a chance to offer medical services to the royal families. Another thing is that he got a chance to practice what he loved. Pediatric surgery was the area he was gifted the most. He performed this job with a passion. In Riyadh, he also got an opportunity to spread his skills to others. He could go around the city giving lectures in surgical clues and inspiring many young people to take up a career in surgery.


In Riyadh, he had an opportunity to meet different people from various parts of the globe. During his free time, he was accompanied by his family in visits to Canada, Hawaii, Ghana, and Sweden among many other countries. He established lifelong connections with people from all over the globe. His position as the pediatric surgeon of the royal families put him in a position where he commanded respect. His children also got a chance to interact with international students while at the same time attending first-rate schools. Learn more:


After his term at King Faisal Hospital was over, he returned to the United States where he had an opportunity to continue with his practice. This time he came back as a high demand surgeon following his accomplishments in the Middle East, his family was back in the United States and his children back to American schools. Dr. Saad Saad is now a retired surgeon and lives in New Jersey. His children, however, took over from where he left, two of them are surgeons, and one is an ICU nurse. Although he is retired, his accomplishments will last for many years to come. At the time of his retirement, he was serving as the Surgeon-in-Chief at K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Dr. Saad Sad believes that if a Palestine refugee can come to America and conquer, you can as well make it. It is all about hard work and dedication to work that pays.


Boraie Development and The Fantastic Shaq Tower for Newark

Boraie Development and The Fantastic Shaq Tower for Newark

It is said by the wise that the best heroes today are the business leaders who take risks, who brave the world of uncertainty with no guarantees of payoff and who make it their mission to spread prosperity to people. These business leaders command change and give people a chance to improve their life. One of the few business leaders today who help people get jobs and give them the life that they dream of is Boraie Development.



The Shaq Apartment



It is important for people to understand that the best way to live is to live peacefully in a home or abode that is built in integrity. This is precisely one of the missions that Former NBA superstar Shaq O’ Neal envisioned in building the $39M Shaq Tower apartment that he wants under the guidance and assistance of Boraie development. We can read from NJTV news that this plan of Mr. O’Neal came from his dream in childhood to live in a beautiful place, and his dream now to invest in places that need support in order to stimulate its economy. Being a Newark native, Mr. O’Neal found it his duty to put such trust in the town that he’s in.



It’s hard to put your money in real estate because the level of uncertainty is too intense for anyone to handle. This is the reason why most businessmen today should be considered heroes because of the amount of sacrifice and risk that they’re putting themselves in. However, Shaq has nothing to worry about because the partner it has is Boraie Development, which is a company that has developed so many real estate projects that have led to the most profitable results. With the help of Boraie Development, the people in Newark, especially the minorities whose livelihood opportunities have been slim lately, can get a better chance. There are also shifts in the industry that make it hard for people in Newark to get the jobs they want, and so the Shaq Tower project of Mr. O’Neal is a great boost in their chances and the town’s economy. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Omar Boraie, the Vice President of the Boraie Development, also said that such project with Mr. O’Neal makes him and his company so proud that they were able to push this project that 50 years ago would be near impossible to initiate.



About Boraie Development



Boraie Devt. Is a premium real estate developer based in New Jersey that provides Real Estate Property Management Solutions and Marketing to the local New Brunswick area. For more info you can visit rutgers.ed


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Social, Migrant, and Humanitarian Charities are Saving Lives all over the World

Social, Migrant, and Humanitarian Charities are Saving Lives all over the World

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists from Arizona, formally working with the Phoenix New Times. They are now the owners and operators of the Frontera Fund, assisting immigrants in their local community. They are also able to reach beyond their normal reach by working with other charities, like the ACLU.

During their time with the Phoenix New Times, Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, arrested them for no reason other than the contents of their paper. This resulted in a large settlement and the foundation of the Frontera Fund. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio was also unknowingly involved in the determination of the goals of the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund helps immigrants and Hispanics because Joe Arpaio targeted the Hispanics of Maricopa County in his misguided time as sheriff.

The Frontera Fund isn’t the only organization of its type. There are many organizations like this in operation all over the world.

The Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation, like the Frontera Fund, is a Hispanic focused charity, but it differs in many ways. This organization focuses on health services for Hispanics. It was founded in 1990 and also has goals concerning education and civic participation.

The Hispanic Federation has offices in New York, Florida, Connecticut, and Washington D.C., covering the entirety of the United State’s East Coast.

Action Against Hunger USA

This organization is active all over the world, even having a branc operating in the United States. Action Against Hunger provides clean water, food, and other services to impoverished areas of the world. It is one of the widest reaching social and humanitarian focused charities of its kind.

One of their programs, No Wasted Lives, focuses on a single form of malnutrition: SAM. 70% of individuals who are treated are cured, but it takes time and effort to distribute care to patients. Action Against Hunter is just one organization working to cure hunger. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Action Against Hunger uses donor forums as a part of its strategy. They also provide local governments with education material concerning SAM, ensuring that a similar crisis doesn’t happen in the future. Action Against Hunter has saved entire communities from malnutrition.

American Refugee Committee

This organization was founded nearly 40 years ago with the goal of helping refugees all over the Earth. The American Refugee Committee brings clean water and infrastructure to refugees in need. This organization has worked in countries like Thailand, Pakistan, and Uganda.

Whitney Wolfe, The Lady With A Vision

Whitney Wolfe, The Lady With A Vision

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur, the CEO, and founder of Bumble. She is also a co-founder of a dating app known as Tinder. She was born in the year 1989 to her parents Michael Wolfe who is a property developer and her mother Kelly Wolfe. Her entrepreneur journey began when she was 19 years old. At the age of 19, she was selling tote bags made out of bamboo and the proceeds would go to the areas affected by the oil spill. She attended the Southern Methodist University where she pursued international studies. Her passion for marketing led her to create the Bumble app in December 2014.

Bumble app is a dating application that gives women more freedom and more control, unlike the traditional dating applications. The Bumble app is among the leading dating applications across the world. With the current success of the Bumble app, Whitney Wolfe is launching new vertical applications like Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz. Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz are applications that help people find friends. Whitney Wolfe has received various awards over the years for the success of her company and dating application. She has been named by Forbes as one of the top 30 women under 30 to achieve great success in the tech industry.

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Apart from her success as an entrepreneur, she is also married to the love of her life. Her husband Michael Herd is a restaurateur and is also involved in the oil and gas business. It was not until 2017 when they officially became a Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herd. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and breathtaking and a true Italian themed wedding. The wedding took place in Italy. According to Whitney, the rain in Italy signifies fresh beginnings, a pure marriage, cleansing, and a wet knot, which can never be untied.

According to Whitney Wolfe, creating and building a company like Bumble takes a lot of commitment and hard work and focus on the ultimate purpose of your vision. Upon the creation of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe wanted the app to match its original creation plan. Like mentioned earlier, the Bumble app’s main vision and primary purpose is to give women an empowering connection when it comes to love, business, and life. The same applies with the vertical applications of the Bumble app. The vertical applications Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz help people acquire friends and business opportunities that can help take their entrepreneur ideas to the next level.