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Octavio De Lazari Elected As President In Place Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Octavio De Lazari Elected As President In Place Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

When a big corporation undergoes significant changes, everyone in the industry is on the lookout to see what happens. The same goes for Bradesco when they decided to conduct a number of changes in their management. The changes were much anticipated since it left the positions of chairman and President of the company open after the previous chairman of the company retired at the age of ninety-one. Prior to making the announcement people all over the banking and insurance industry were speculating who the next viable President of the company is going to be.

At last, Bradesco has put all of those positions to rest by electing Octavio de Lazari to the position of President of the company according to Even though the announcement of his appointment has already been made by the company, he has not yet started acting out his duties as the President of the company. Lazari will officially be allowed to commence his operations when the annual meeting of the shareholders is held in March. This will be the day that Lazari is officially declared the President of the company.

Bradesco was mandated to make a decision one month before the annual general shareholders meeting was to be held. The company was required to submit the name of the President of the company to the Central Bank of Brazil during this period, which is also when they made this announcement. Prior to Lazari being instated to the position of President, the post was held by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who will now be taking over the position of Chairman of the company.

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When it was time to elect a new chairperson, the board of directors at Bradesco wanted someone who was well versed with the company and who had been working with them for a long time. Their requirements were someone who could lead the company as efficiently as the previous chairman did, and who adhered to the value systems that they had in place. The company has always followed a tradition of only electing members from within the company, and never taking any external members who haven’t worked with Bradesco for a considerable amount of time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a classic example of someone who has worked hard all through his life and now-now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Trabuco started working at Bradesco at an incredibly young age as clerk and was inclined to working in the banking sector. He got a job at a Bradesco outlet near his residence and started working there. He knew that if he wanted to make it in life, he would have to work harder than he ever did to make it to the top. With determination and a goal in mind, Trabuco climbed up the ranks to become one of the more notable names at Bradesco. His first executive position was when he took over Bradesco Seguros as CEO, which stands as the insurance segment of the company. He performed incredibly well at his role and was then promoted to the position of President of the entire company.

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Equities First Holdings News: Getting into Business with Other Companies

Equities First Holdings News: Getting into Business with Other Companies

With everyone complaining about all of the bad things when they are reporting the news, we never get to hear about any of the good things that are going on, and we all are in need of some really good news. With the news on Equities First Holdings you will have the news that you want, without having to hear any bad news. The EFH company had jumped on board with the ETC company. Are you wondering how this could affect the company? If so, you can rest easy, with the EFH company providing funding, the ETC and EFH companies can finish the big projects that are needing finished.

About EFH

With the Equities First Holdings company, a client will never feel left out when it comes to the services that they are provided, such as alternative shareholder financing.

Doe Deere Article #8

Doe Deere Article #8

Fashion and cosmetics go hand-to-hand to some degree because cosmetics are an extension of fashion. Being able to enhance your appearance has its benefits, but all cosmetics aren’t created the same. There are good cosmetic brands and there are the not so good cosmetic brands. Some are expensive and others are frugal. This is one of the most diverse industries on planet earth and some of the biggest names in mainstream society can be found here. Revlon, Maybelline, Almay and Covergirl are just a few. On the other hand, the up-and-coming Lime Crime brand has taken over the limelight.


Lime Crime was founded by fashion designer Doe Deere. This Russian-born woman has single-handedly revolutionized the game for the better. No longer will consumers have to choose from the same bland colors because this brand is full of dynamic colorful blends. These blends come in amazing titles such as:


  • Black Velvet


  • Cement (gray)


  • Alien (neon Green)


  • Wicked (blood red)


  • Red Velvet


  • Pink Velvet


  • Pansy (vivid Purple)


  • Shroom


  • Suedeberry


  • Cshmere (dull pink)


  • Beet-It (deep berry pink)


  • And many others



Doe Deere has also implemented health strategies into the products because they’re vegan. In addition to that, the products are animal cruelty-free. This exclusive brand is high-quality, and it has captured the attention of the masses. Lime Crime’s Instagram account has over 3 million followers. Deere uses these platforms for promoting the products and for getting good feedback. Thanks to her solid education in marketing, this technique has paid-off in huge dividends. She has always seem to have had an entrepreneurial spirit. When she was only 13, she sold novelty products to her Russian friends. This entrepreneurial spirit has carried over into her adult life with succession. Lime Crime was birthed in 2008, and it has been getting stronger by the day. Its liquid-matte lipsticks are game changers in a sense because they glide on smooth, they are long-lasting, and they look fantastic. There has been many hours of brainstorming that has gone into each and every product. This includes eyeliner, lip gloss, lip topper, glitter, hair dye, eye-shadow palettes, loose pigments and nail polish. The options are nearly endless. Learn more:


Doe Deere has become an American icon to some degree. Though she is still fairly young, her impact on society is immense. Lime Crime has garnered plenty of attention thanks to its cult-like vibe, and its beat will not stop in 2018.

Roberto Santiago’s Malls

Roberto Santiago’s Malls

Joao Pessoa, Paraiba has many attractions that draw tourist. One of the most significant attractions in the city is the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago, one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in Paraiba, is the owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall and Manageira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago’s malls and the detailed construction of both of them have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the state of Paraiba.

Roberto Santiago is a native of Joao Pessoa. He received his schooling from local primary schools and colleges. He attended the University of Joao Pessoa. He graduated with a degree in business administration. He has put all of his education to great use over time.


After completing college, he got a job working at Café Santa Rosa. Café Santa Rosa is a décor manufacturing company. After working at Cafe Santa Rosa, Santiago decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. He made cartons that were created using cardboard. He then sold the cartons to companies to satisfy their needs. His cartonnage company was able to expand and offer service other than carton packaging to their customers.

When he had made quite a bit of success with the cartonnage company he decided to invest in land development. He purchased land and decided to build the Manaira Shopping Mall. He had high hopes for the mall, so he took his time constructing it.

Manaira Shopping Mall opened in 1989 and has been a success since the doors opened. The mall has a concert hall, theater, food court, college, arcade, gym, and financial institutions. He wanted the mall to be well rounded. When people visit the mall, they have many options to get what the adult may need as well as the child. People continuously gravitate towards the mall because they have so many entertainment options.

When Roberto Santiago was building the mall, he made sure to include everything that he liked. He loves bowling and values his education, so he placed a college and a bowling alley in the mall. He has done many renovations to the mall to make sure that it is up to date an meets the needs of the people that are shopping there. The most popular attraction at the Manaira Shopping Mall is the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall has two levels and the best sound equipment available. People come to the mall just to see the shows at the Domus Hall. When Roberto Santiago was building the mall, he made sure to include a theater because he had a profound love for writing and theater. Artist in Brazil, as well as many other countries, have an opportunity to perform in the stellar entertainment hall at Manaira.


Boraie Development Tops in New Jersey’s Real Estate Industry

Boraie Development Tops in New Jersey’s Real Estate Industry

The high demand for both residential and commercial properties in the United States is steadily shifting to New Jersey. According to Zillow, a giant real estate tracking company based in the US, New Jersey is already ahead of several states when it comes to highest rates and shares in residential mortgages. The region’s real estate markets are at the top of other states and Boraie Development believes the trend is likely to continue into the future. Boraie has pointed out that the industry has since shifted its focus to addressing housing shortages, affordability, and increased number of markets in NJ.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ chief economist, Lawrence Yun, there is urgent need to close the gap between housing supply and demand in order to avoid acute shortages that may result into housing emergency. Yun further pointed out that already there is a shortage of residential properties as newly built homes are sold as soon as they hit the market.

Even though some economists remain pessimistic on the issue, economic and Zillow reports express industry renaissance. New Jersey continues to register a significant increase in new apartments among several other infrastructural developments. Unique access to NJ Transit station has been cited to be a key pulling factor hence increased housing demand. According to Capital Economists, more residential properties will soon be available in the markets owing to expected low home prices and high rate of interests. They further predict that increased job opportunities in NJ will continue to impact significantly on the demand for residential properties. Capital Economists explain that even though rent and prices for homes have gone up, the low rates of mortgages will continue to keep the region’s real estate industry vibrant.

About Boraie Development

According to NY Times, Boraie is one of the leading real estate companies in the entire State Theatre New Jersey. With over 30 years of experience, the company has continued to offers various industry services, including property development, management and sales.

Apart from its proven ability to deliver projects within the timeframe, Boraie works with reliable financial partners as well as reputable architects and contractors. The company is committed to all segments of the urban market. As a result, it builds, manages and markets various types of properties, such as residential homes, apartments, commercial buildings and students’ hostels. Its unique style of management has made it one of the most trusted companies in NJ. Boraie Development has become consumer’s choice for those looking forward to buying or selling their properties.

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