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Expect a Rebirth of the Oil Industry – Matt Badiali

Expect a Rebirth of the Oil Industry – Matt Badiali

Oil Service Companies Are Not Dying

According to Matt Badiali, an experienced investor and writer for the Banyan Hill, oil service companies should be considered for a potential investment. Badiali acknowledges that oil prices remain historically low, but he regards this as an opportunity to place some capital into companies such as the VanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF. Visit to know more.

According to this natural resource expert, oil prices will not remain low indefinitely. Moreover, it seems to be just a matter of time before they begin shooting up and reach their normal levels. A direct relationship between oil prices and oil service companies is what prompts this investor to advise others to give it thought. Naturally, when oil prices start growing, there will be a lot more drilling and production. Once that occurs, companies who operate in that segment will have more work and profits, which will grow their stock prices. Thus, buying a piece of these companies now when they are relatively cheap might prove to be a prominent investing strategy.

Besides a considerable amount of data that Badiali has taken into account, his experience with investing is also an important factor. During the decades that he has made profitable investments, Badiali has seen many industries hit the rock bottom. The only direction from there was up and he believes that this is what is happening with the oil industry at the moment. Oil prices have hit an all-time low recently and, moving on, nothing but growth should be expected.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Badali is a Penn State and Florida Atlantic University graduate. He holds a Masters in Geology and has an extensive curriculum of travels to countries where his investments were located in. The strategy that has proven to be very successful for him is based on face-to-face interactions. Since he has experience in the natural resource business, he is able to evaluate if companies will be profitable long before any large projects are even taken.

This ability of his comes from the fact that he knows the ins and outs of the industry. A simple drilling issue that the majority of the market would not even recognize is something that Badiali sees as a red flag. His knowledge and experience have further facilitated him teaching Geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Safe to say that his advice should most likely be deemed as valuable!

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Why We Must All Fight for DACA

Why We Must All Fight for DACA

Republicans are acting to take away the DACA program. This is a very serious matter and must be looked at with all seriousness. The DACA program is essential for people who were brought into the United States by their parents while they were still young children. They had no choice in the matter, and they need the DACA program if they want to succeed in life here in the United States.

The DACA program makes sure that these people are not deported. In addition, it makes sure that they have a right to a work permit.

The Attorney General of the State of Texas, along with nine other Governors and Attorneys General, sent a letter to the Trump Administration demanding that the DACA program be rescinded. Otherwise, they threatened, they will take legal action and file a lawsuit against the administration for keeping the DACA program.

In addition, John Kelly, who is now the White House Chief of Staff but who was the Secretary of Homeland Security at the time, said in a meeting with the Hispanic Caucus that the future of DACA is in great jeopardy. This means that these protections, which protect around eight hundred thousand immigrants who were brought here by their parents while they were children, may end soon. While the DACA program will probably not end suddenly without any prior warning, there is a good possibility that it will end, albeit in a phasing off manner, which means that little by little, the protections that these people enjoy will be rescinded.

It is time to fight against this. The Frontera Fund, headed by Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey, will be at the head of this fight. However, every DREAMer should really reach out and fight against this bad news. It is their duty to their fellow DREAMers.

Securus Technologies Working Towards Public Safety

Securus Technologies Working Towards Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a top provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Recently the company published a number of customer comments which talked about the use of technology to curb crimes in the society which also included inmate-on-inmate crimes.


Richard “Rick” Smith, Chairman and Chief of Securus Technologies, stated that once a week the company averagely develops a new service or product to help correctional officials and law enforcement to solve and curb crimes in the society. He added that the company has received thousands of letters and emails commenting on what Securus does to keep the community safe. Securus works so hard to ensure everyone in the society understand the consequences of crimes and the importance of security.


Many comments were received and just to mention a few. One official wrote thanking Securus for the assistance they helped in their investigation in that they used the information they obtained from the phone calls to know about a corrupt staff member who was then arrested. Another message was another official who monitored calls containing information regarding inmate alcohol use, drugs and drug selling in prison. Moreover, the conversation included threats and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount, thanks to Securus this information helped in their investigation.


I think investigations have been made easier for facilities as they can get intense information from Securus. Also, another message was from a client who was appreciating Securus for the development and role in investigations which has improved jail security posture which I agree. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies Company is deployed in over 3,450 public safety institutions, correction agencies and law enforcement serving a total of 1,200,000 inmates. Making the world a better place is one of the primary reasons Securus was created through providing justice technology solutions.


Why You Should Practice Silence: Learn from CEO Vijay Eswaran

Why You Should Practice Silence: Learn from CEO Vijay Eswaran

The Malaysian-born, Indian-based CEO Vijay Eswaran shares his reasons for success in his book, “In the Sphere of Silence.”

Shaped by his Hindu background in an Indian household, Eswaran started practicing silence during “mouna vratham” with his grandfather. He believes in an hour of introspection and silence of the mind—absolute silence, though: You break it even once, with any type of external stimuli, and you start over. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

This can be difficult to achieve in today’s extremely busy and chaotic society. With people glued to headphones, attached to cell phones and laptops, hearing oneself is the last thing to come to mind, if at all. But silence can be beneficial; after all, Eswaran has been practicing it for the last 18 years, and thinks it has made him a better businessman.

Eswaran draws from many inspirational human beings in his book, including Mother Theresa, Keats, and Prophet Mohammed. While the book is primarily centered on the do’s and don’ts of hour-long silence, it also encourages readers to generally listen more and make a to-do list every day.

The hour of introspection is divided into five sections, with the first three and fifth sections requiring 10 minutes each, and the fourth section 20 minutes. Although any time of the day can be allotted for this activity, the optimal time is between the hours of 4:30 am and 6:00 am.

The first 10 minutes go into reflecting everything about the previous day—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Reflection on failures is crucial, but ways to remedy them is even more so.

The second 10 minutes are devoted to planning the present. This is where you create the to-do list for the day. Read more: 3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

The third 10 minutes are spent on planning the future. You write your goals for the next week, year, and five years.

The fourth section is divided into two parts. The first 15 minutes entail learning something new by reading. The book can be about anything as long as you learn something new. The remaining five minutes of this section are spent on summarizing the reading; this synopsis is read the next day at the beginning of the fourth section.

The last ten minutes are for you to freely communicate with your god. The topic can be anything, and you should record the reflection in writing.

The amazing History and Present of the Academy of Art University

The amazing History and Present of the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art was established in 1929 and has always stood for creativity and the vanguard of creativity. The Academy has been around just as long as San Francisco and has served as being many sources of talent and inspiration. It is almost like this academy was always meant to be in San Francisco in order for San Francisco to thrive.

The Academy of Art university’s main goal is to be able to prepare future professionals in fields such as communication, design and the arts. The university had hoped to be able to do this by offering students amazing undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with certificate and portfolio programs. They hope that by making these programs available to students that it would help to attract more students to the university.
On September 9, 2017, the Academy of Art University was able to have its School of Fashion hold its 21st runway showcase, that happened to be located at Skylight Clarkson Square. There was a wide range of ideas and techniques showed off at the fashion show this year that amazed the audience. Designers came to the show from China all the way to the coastal Maine, including a few places in between. Among the audience this year happened to be Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and MS. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model. This year’s show was one of the biggest shows that they have had so far.

These 15 minutes on stage is all a result of hours of painstaking labor, classes, workshops and not to mention countless internships that these students have done. During those 15 minutes, they were allowed to show off their visions for the future of fashion to their current peers, the whole world, and potential career mentors. This is one opportunity that the students are never going to forget and hopefully will be the beginning to the bright futures ahead of them. These students were able to show off never before seen pieces that came of to the audience as amazing pieces, allowing them to love their experience at the fashion show even more.

Karl Heideck – Pennsylvanian Attorney and Writer

Karl Heideck – Pennsylvanian Attorney and Writer

Karl Heideck practices law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has amassed a few years of experience in the fields of employment law and corporate law, working with appeals, commercial and civil litigation, as well as with intellectual property, mediation, arbitration, and other legal matters.

Over the course of his legal practice, Karl Heideck has relied heavily on his research and interpretation skills. He has been able to resolve cases thanks to his negotiation skills when his clients wish to settle the air without going to trial. Karl Heideck has also been able to come up with a vast number of legal strategies in order to fit clients and cases of different natures.

The city of Philadelphie has a legal framework that is different from other towns in the state of Pennsylvania. Individuals facing legal matters and challenges have to look for the advice of experienced attorneys. At the same time, regulations and tendencies often change so lawyers such a Karl Heideckhave to say on top of the game and expand their research on a regular basis to keep their expertise up to date with any changes. Karl Heideck takes on any client as well as organizations such as small businesses and large corporations.

Litigator Karl Heideck is currently maintaining a private practice in Philadelphia working with compliance, general litigation as well as risk management. He also occupied himself with writing articles on legal thematics for the Philadelphian nine publication of Philly Purge. Karl Heideck offers insight and advice to legal matters and challenges, and he also provides educational information on all things law.

In terms of legal education, attorney Karl Heideck received his bachelor’s degree in 2003 from the Swarthmore College. After that, Karl Heideck enrolled in the Templeton University- Beasley School of Law. In 2009, Karl Heideck received hi Juris Doctor degree, and after that, he started his legal practice. Over the course of his studies, Karl Heideck received an education in many of the essential skills for an attorney. Those skills include research and interpretation, communication and negotiation, settlement and dispute resolution, and many other as well.

Karl Heideck will continue to increase his presence in the legal field in his home state and practice law. He will also be expanding upon his writing both n the website he contributes to as well on his personal blog where he posts about legal news in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia on a regular basis.


A Brief Description Of The AIA (American Institute of Architects)

A Brief Description Of The AIA (American Institute of Architects)

This article will focus on the (AIA) or the American Institute of Architects. This organization’s headquarters are located in Washington D.C. It is an organization for professional architects in the United States. It was established in 1857 in New York City. The AIA is lead currently by Robert Ivy. Ivy is both Chief Executive Officer and EVP or Executive Vice President. There is also Thomas V. Voiner who is both AIA President and FAIA the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

The (AIA) offers many different opportunities. These opportunities are community redevelopment, government advocacy, public outreach, as well as education. They are utilized to help the profession of architecture and make its public image as well. This organization works also with a construction team and other design members to help organize the building industry.

Now some general information on the startup of the AIA. When this organization was established it was led by a group of 13 architects. On February 23, 1857 sixteen architects along with the president to be Richard M. Upjohn would be part of this organization. One example was Thomas Y. Walter from Philadelphia. A few weeks later on March 10, a constitution had been drafted under the title New York Society of Architects. Walter decided to change it to American Institute of Architects instead. This new constitution became signed on the date April 15, 1857.


In the AIA, there have been over 90,000 associated professionals as well as licensed architects who serve as members. The members abide by professional conduct and a code of ethics. There are five levels of membership in the AIA. One of them is an Architect members which have a license to practice architecture by authority of license in the United States.

Second is Associate Members work under an architect’s supervision. They are not allowed to practice architecture. Third are International associate members who hold a license for architecture that are outside the United States. Fourth, Emeritus members are those who are members of the AIA for 15 years in succession. They also need to be more than 65 years of age and are either unable to work in the architecture profession disabled. Fifth and finally are Allied members they are those people whose professions have to do in a field such as engineering.

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The making of Lori Senecal’s Success Story

The making of Lori Senecal’s Success Story

Lori Senecal ventured into the corporate world after graduating with a degree in sales and marketing. She is not only skilled and motivated, but her dedication to bringing out the best in everything she does has made her likable among different employers from the first day she started working at the company. After years in the corporate scene, she decided to venture out on her own by launching a young-adult marketing unit called TAG ideation. She was bound to be a success in her new venture given the experience gained while working with popular brands such as coca cola, sprint, Xbox, staples among others.

Between 2005 and 2008 Lori Senecal worked as a chief marketing officer for the DDB worldwide communication and later promoted to head the sales and marketing division. Later in 2015, she served as the Chief executive officer and director of MDC partners where she also acted as the director of the advertising council. Before joining MDC, Lori was the global chairman of kbs+, and under her management, the company was listed among the best workplaces within New York. The company also saw a substantial growth from 250 to 900 people globally.

The company has also featured on different advertisements for three consecutive years, and this has brought a positive image to the organization regarding business operations. This has, in turn, increased the company’s collaboration and agility making it a modern company. Her leadership skills brought about the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization given that she mainly concentrated on innovation talents that would be used in initiating growth and change within the firm.

Apart from her leadership quality, Lori possesses other skills that aid in making her success. First, she is a guru in digital strategy, integrated marketing, and advertisement. Also, with a deeper understanding of how to actualize new business ideas and provide creative direction, she is one of the highly sought financial advisors. Her quest for entrepreneurship has made her a mentor to those who are starting out in business. That aside, she has created incubated startups whose ideas are pitched from the forums organized by the company. She is also among the co-founder of the Isaac award organization that celebrates and honors the inventions from students. You can follow him on Twitter

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Meet Bridget Scarr: The Lady Behind Colibri Studios Success

Meet Bridget Scarr: The Lady Behind Colibri Studios Success

Today, there are many producers and film directors but very few are celebrated globally. This is because a majority of them get into the industry to enjoy fame and money without focusing on talent development. Bridget Scarr is a celebrated executive producer, director, and songwriter. Her experience in the industry stretches to ever 15 years.


What is Bridget’s Specialization?


Bridget Scarr is highly involved in content creation and development. Her specializations are majorly in the fields of television, advertising, and animation. She is a highly dedicated and creative producer and director. On her portfolio, she has produced a number of children’s animations, spanning dramas, entertainment pieces, factual and lifestyle content. Her pieces are highly celebrated in the UK and the rest of the world. She has massive following internationally and her skills are in Film production, Marketing, Brand communication, Content creation, and Content development.


Why Colibri Studios?


Currently, Bridget is the executive heat at the Colibri Studios. She is in charge of content development, partnerships, and strategic programs on top of the normal routine of directing and production. The Colibri dream was conceived longtime ago. Bridget needed a platform where she could help artists alike produce good music and film content. The Colibri Studios offer her the opportunity to do so. She is in constant collaboration with international broadcasters, creative talents, and partners who share her vision and dream for good content.


The studios provide her with an effective network for the business. Her greatest source of inspiration comes from her job. She is able to interact with various talents and learn from them. Considering that she spends most of her time at the studio, Bridget Scarr gets enough time to write and direct various contents relating to music and film production. The studio is her office and she finds joy in helping young talents develop. Considering the fact that her contents are internationally recognized, Bridget is determined to increase her output.




Bridget Scarr is a highly celebrated producer, songwriter, and director mainly because she is different. Her contents are highly productive and market driven. Her beauty is in her ability to multitask. She is very skillful in producing and directing good music and series. These qualities do not come cheap and they are the reasons behind Colibri Studios’ success.


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The Achievements, Roles, And Contributions Of Robert Ivy To Architecture

The Achievements, Roles, And Contributions Of Robert Ivy To Architecture

Robert Ivy is the current American Institute of Architects’ CEO. Since Ivy assumed office, he started two crucial investigations into the future of architectural practice as well as the role played by architects in the society. During the Clinton Initiative Annual Meeting back in 2012, Robert Ivy dedicated the American Institute of Architects to a ten-year effort to make architecture a catalyst for public health improvement through digital programs, community planning, and research grants.

Understanding and expanding awareness of the role of architects in the society motivated Robert Ivy to launch a responsive and comprehensive 21st century American Institute of Architects. He aimed to advance the position of architects and bolster a dialogue nationally about the role played by architecture in everyday life.

Accomplishments and Awards

Before joining the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy was the editorial director and vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction. He also served at the Architectural Record as an editor-in-chief where he oversaw 17 digital and 16 print publications. During his tenure, Robert Ivy established himself as the voice of the entire profession. He spoke on important architecture issues including the social and climate impacts of architecture. Under the leadership of Ivy, the Architectural Record received a broad range of awards, including the National Magazine Award, and 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards.

Robert Ivy received the Crain G.D. Award in 2009 for his relentless efforts and contributions to the editorial business media excellence. He was named a “Master Architect” in 2010 by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. Robert Ivy likes talking about the value of architecture within the fraternity and the world at large. This has earned him a mentoring role with alumni and students.

Robert is a skilled communicator. He has delivered various keynote speeches both in the U.S. and international events. Moreover, he has interviewed notable figures in architecture. Robert is the author of a book known as “Fay Jones: Architect”. The book was cited for its high design, production, and scholarship standards.

Robert Ivy has served as the U.S. Commissioner three times at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Ivy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South. He also holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Tulane. Robert is an active member of the Internal Circle of Architecture Critics.