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Day: September 22, 2016

Information and History of Shea Butter

Information and History of Shea Butter


Shea butter is a very good product for the skin. It has so many different benefits. Shea butter also has a lot of other great uses. There is a lot of information to know about this wonderful product. There is so much information it may be hard to remember all the great facts about Shea butter. Here is some information about Shea butter.


Shea butter is a fat that comes from the African Shea tree. Naturally it occurs in two colors which is ivory and white. The word Shea comes from the word Si which is the name of the tree it comes from in the Mali language.


Shea butter is used for a lot of different things. One thing it is used for is an ingredient in food. Many Africans use this fat when cooking food. Some chocolate companies add Shea butter to their chocolate to make it taste really good.


Shea butter has been used for a long time. It was around in Egyptian times. In fact Cleopatra’s caravans had jars of Shea butter in them that she used for beauty purposes. The Ancient Egyptians used Shea butter to protect their skin from the sun since they lived in the harsh desert weather.


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