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Executive Leadership

Sam Tabar Takes Charge At The Fullcycle Fund

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Leadership skills are often quite important. All companies need someone to help them figure out how to get through the day. People who can provide such skills are often welcomed by the company as they can show others how to make the company more efficiently. Someone who knows this is lawyer and business professional Sam Tabar. Tabar has held many important positions since his graduation from Columbia Law School. His work has focused on many aspects of the world of business. His latest venture should help his colleagues and him expand his career horizons and hopefully even make the world a better place. He is going to become the Chief Operating Officer at the Fullcycle Energy Fund.

A Talented Senior Leadership Team

Tabar joins Fullcycle as part of a talented team already in place. His colleagues here welcome his decision to become part of the fund as they know that he brings a great deal of insight to the company. They also know that he brings a great deal of understanding of many aspects of both business and law as well as a determination to help advance the goals of the organization. Here, he and his fellows at the organization hope to see the world do more to push for an expansion of fuels that do not pollute the earth in any way.

A Strong Background

Sam’s own background is one that is quite cosmopolitan. He has been heavily involved in many areas of business and finance even while growing up in the United Kingdom. After graduating from a highly prestigious university in the United Kingdom, he went on to add a law degree from an Ivy League university in the United States. After that, his career quickly boomed. He was immediately hired as an associate by Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP where his personal focus was on the world of international finance. Since that time, he has been there for all who need his help in making sense of the fiscal world and understanding what kind of investments might be right for their fiscal plans in life.  Follow Sam on social media through Twitter, as well as his investor profile on Angel.co.

Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies Automates Paper Forms Saving Correctional Staff Time

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Correctional institutes still bound to paper forms will welcome a new automated application, launched by Securus Technologies, to automate inmate requests and will save correctional officers up to 65% of their time spent on dealing with paper forms. With self-serve access to forms inmates frequently fill-out, The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application will save thousands of dollars in paper supplies and manpower caused by the distribution, routing, collecting, copying, responding and storing of paper documentation.

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing criminal justice technology solutions and holds an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, showing the companies commitment to customer service. The release of this new automated forms technology is just one example of the many ways Securus is modernizing penal institutional services. Not only does the new process save on public funds, it also eases the process inmates have in filing grievances, making these institutions safer for both inmate and employee. The application allows for any type of form to be easily created by staff members, then released and made available for inmate use. Changes to forms can easily be made without suffering the inefficiencies of unused and outdated forms inventory.

Taking full advantage of internet technology, Securus Technologies has provided “Video Visitation” technology to allow families to experience virtual visits with inmates on special days, such as birthdays and Christmas, relieving the financial burden of travel for families and also eliminating the extensive ‘visitor check-in’ process which can be difficult for families and friends to experience. This is simply one more example of how this leader in security technologies addresses both sides of the penal system, making full use of available technology which in turn reduces the burdens placed on corrections facility staff.

Improving public safety and modernizing the incarceration experience has led this privately owned corporation to a leadership position in an industry sector that lags in efficient and forward-thinking workflow models.